How to Build Virtual Sales Rooms With Interactive Features

Due to the bigger offer and demand in the market, virtual sales rooms are becoming extremely popular among different sales teams and organizations. Digital sales rooms facilitate the entire process of purchase for both buyer and seller, but also mean a lot for the exchange of data and discussion of colleagues. If you wonder how to create such a room, you will find it out very soon.

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What are the benefits of digital sales rooms?

A digital salesroom, or shortened DSR, represents a secure online space where sellers can interact with their potential buyers and close the deal at a faster pace. These rooms function by sharing a personalized link to an online repository where the content is added by salespeople. The salesman will be able to see every page and document that the prospect opens.

In digital sales rooms, there are usually product catalogs and information about the prices, but also contracts, offers, proposals, and other documents connected to sales.

Create a digital sales room with Heybase


Heybase is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to build your own virtual sales room with numerous interactive features by using a simple and user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.

You will be able to create such rooms and add multiple contracts, payment and calendar links, videos, and other stuff. One of the coolest things you can do with this platform is to track the engagement of your audience and be notified about every new activity from potential buyers.

Heybase allows you to choose from numerous embed blocks and include contracts, proposals, calendars, and payment links in your sales room.

Also, it enables you to record and add a video to your room and give your customers a personalized message to seem more trustworthy and customer oriented. Moreover, you can share microsites where buyers can find proposals, virtual deal rooms, and sales decks.

When you personalize and build your room the way you want, you can ask Heybase to create a link and send it directly to your prospects, who can access the room with it.

They do not even need an account to enter the virtual room and view the details. You, as a creator of a sales room, will be able to monitor everything from the main dashboard and see all actions of your prospects, such as comments or new opens.

Yes, you’ve got that well; they can leave comments and ask questions over there, in the salesroom, to facilitate the whole process of interaction. Of course, you can set up email notifications to be notified each time the prospect asks you something and be prompt in responding.

There is also an option of adding the members of your team to the room to improve sales. Furthermore, you can see your total performance when it comes to sales and track the statistics regarding activity and interaction.


Creating a digital sales room can replace every aspect of B2B and modernize the means of selling. Such rooms can seal the deal much faster and enable the best customer experience due to the numerous features that such rooms can offer.

With Heybase, you can completely personalize the room and make your clients feel comfortable while purchasing. You can find it here: