Hacks to Become Better at Teaching Online Video Courses: Make Your Lectures More Interesting

Hacks to Become Better at Teaching Online Video Courses: Make Your Lectures More Interesting

It seems that online learning has never been more popular and used, whether it is about someone’s beginnings or those who are constantly working on their own upgrades and improvements. Whatever the group, online learning is a mitigating circumstance for everyone today, so on the other hand, there are a lot of online platforms and lecturers.

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However, not everyone is of high quality, and not everyone offers their all in the hopes of teaching someone anything. To stand out in the crowd and leave the students with the impression that you have taught them something and they want to listen to you again, you have to work hard. Below are some of the tricks on how to be even better at teaching online video courses.

1. Prepare a Script for the Videos

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Before you start recording video material for an online video course, it is very useful to prepare a written script for the topic you will be talking about and cover in that video. You will be able to determine all of the points and theses that are important to convey in the video.

Also, you will have a chronology of your video prepared before recording, which will undoubtedly make recording easier and contribute to improved video quality and your teaching style.

2. Use LMS Together With the Videos

For learning new things, video courses are significant and are very helpful. Still, when the video material is combined with a learning management system (LMS), you increase your teaching quality because you can combine the so-called traditional teaching with online mode.

LMSs allow you to share all materials with all students and send them tasks and assignments via the LMS platform, where the students will submit them when they complete them. In addition to the above, there are many more opportunities available there that will make you a better teacher and make your job easier.

3. Tools for Creating/Editing Videos

What certainly affects the quality of your teaching through video courses is the technical quality of the video material itself. Namely, a well-processed topic must be preceded by an excellent and quality video.

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The image, sound, and combination with other sound and graphic accessories and elements must be completely coordinated and of excellent quality so that the information you provide is not “hindered” by the video’s poor quality.

That is why it is very important to use the tools offered today to create and process your video courses and thus be a better lecturer and stand out in the sea of video lecturers who offer their courses on the Internet.

4. Focus On the Practical Part

When preparing/recording video courses, one very important thing is to focus on the practical part of the topic you are working on. Of course, the theory should not be completely ruled out, but the point is that you do most of the video practically, no matter what the topic is.

For theory, take as much time as you need to mention and briefly explain some concepts/terms related to the topic and then move on to the practical part. In this way, you will attract more students, keep their attention longer, and certainly teach them what is very important today – practical work.


First, the desire and love for what you do, knowledge of the subject, and then a lot of practice and your own education about everything that will improve your way of teaching will surely lead you to the title of lecturer that listeners will remember and want to always look for additional education just from you.