Best WooCommerce Bitcoin & Crypto Plugins for Payments [Free and Paid]

Best WooCommerce Bitcoin & Crypto Plugins for Payments [Free and Paid]

Being a fully customizable, open-source platform, WooCommerce made its way to becoming so popular. It has been built for WordPress and is of enormous importance for all the users wanting to sell their goods. The users are allowed to sell the material or digital goods from their online marketplaces.

WooCommerce has some amazing extensions that can help boost the complete functionality of a website. The extensions are various, so you can easily find everything you need for marketing, management, shipping, payment, and more. The payment extensions include some amazing tools such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Square. Sellers who accept cryptocurrency payments can have a bunch of advantages, such as easier cross-border transactions, chargebacks, or access to a broader market.

Even though many people still think that paying with a cryptocurrency is not as frequent – they’re wrong. There are many sellers, such as Microsoft or Dish, who accept bitcoin with no problem. Still, before accepting bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, you need to be aware of several things considering it.

If you want to take a chance and try receiving bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, we found you some of the best WooCommerce bitcoin and crypto plugins for payments. So, let’s list them and make a quick check! Pay attention to security practices, exchanges, market, your customers, and more.

1. Bitcoin Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Bitcoin Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Bitcoin Payment Gateway for WooCommerce is an open-source plugin that allows you to enable the bitcoin payment gateway. That’s how you can accept bitcoin on your online marketplace. It is simple to use, and the whole setup doesn’t take you much time.

The plugin allows you to accept and process bitcoin payments without any trouble. It has incredible features, such as instant bitcoin to cash conversion, e-mail notifications for every transaction, low fees, and no need for login and registration. It also allows you to receive bitcoin payments in cash.

The plugin supports many currencies such as the United States dollar, Euro, GBP, Singapore Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Swiss franc, and many more. The tool is free to use.

2. Coinbase Commerce for WooCommerce

Coinbase Commerce for WooCommerce

Coinbase Commerce for WooCommerce is a fantastic plugin you can use to allow your customers cryptocurrency payment for their purchases on your online store. It supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, DAI, Bitcoin Cash, and USD Coin.

The plugin allows you to display your prices in cryptocurrencies and display currency icons one in front of another. Since it supports some of the major cryptocurrencies out there, it’s a perfect choice. You can purchase this plugin for the price of $99.

3. Digital Paybox

Digital Paybox

Digital Paybox is another excellent plugin for adding a cryptocurrency payment method to your online store. Customers can choose their payment options, such as PayPal, EgoPay, Credit or Debit cards, and more. One of the options includes paying with Bitcoins via BitPay.

The tool allows you to set a minimum payment amount or a fixed amount for each file separately. The plugin is easy to install and easy to use, and you can purchase it for the price of $21.

4. CryptoWoo


Another great tool for taking control over your payments is surely CryptoWoo. It is an amazing and simple plugin for WooCommerce. The plugin offers you to use several payment gateways. As a seller, you can easily accept Bitcoin, Dash, BlackCoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. You can also convert the prices of your products and shopping carts to digital currency with a real-time exchange rate.

It has a convenient, responsive design, and it can be translated into any language. You can use the tool in a free version, but it also offers three pricing plans:

  • CryptoWoo + HD Wallet Add-on [Single Store] (€119),
  • CryptoWoo + HD Wallet Add-on [Multi Store] (€139)
  • CryptoWoo + HD Wallet Add-on [Premium] (€194)


All the tools listed above allow you to add the option of payment using cryptocurrencies, which is getting increasingly popular nowadays. That’s why you should consider adding it, too – if you have enough reasons to do so, of course.

However, the plugins are easy to use, and they offer you a variety of unique features that can come in handy when it comes to upgrading your store. Good luck!