The Impact of Technology on the online Gaming Industry

How Evolving Tech Has and Will Impact the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has evolved a lot since it first began way back in the 1960s. Evolving technology has allowed us to broaden our horizons when developing games and even game engines, creating the characters and the graphics that go with them and how we play these games at home. Our experience as developers has far fewer limits than it used to and so many ways to enthrall the gaming community. Our experience as gamers is no longer a flat, 2D one that we look down into from outside the experience; it is now jewel-bright, sharp as reality, and something we can fully immerse ourselves into.

Technology has improved bingo, online slot games, MMOs, and every other kind of game that we enjoy on our devices. Thanks to new and upcoming tech, we can experience entirely new worlds, make friends with people all over the world, learn skills, and just generally have a great time, all from the comfort and privacy of our own homes, if that’s what we choose. Join us as we take a trip through all the ways the evolution of technology has spurred on the evolution of online gaming.

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Smaller, More Powerful Devices

Computers used to be so enormous that they filled entire rooms. It took days for them to process what we would now consider reasonably simple information, and the chances of having one for your personal use at home were not good until the early to mid-eighties. Tech changes and inevitably gets smaller and faster the longer it is around; the same is true of computers. They went from taking up entire rooms to being slimmer than a novel and fitting in a hand or handbag.

The smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktop PCs, and consoles that we have today are incredibly powerful processors. The graphics and information processing power required to play immensely complex online MMOs that take place in enormous and complicated worlds is vast, and these modern computers have it. Without processors as powerful as this, playing online games of all sorts would be an unpleasant and glitchy experience that no gamer would ever return to. Graphics are rendered in real time and at the highest possible level. If you’re playing a game of online bingo, the numbers called out will be crisp and clear, the colors bright and eye-catching. If you’re playing a game where your character lives in a forest, you’ll be able to see individual leaves move on the breeze.

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Massive Online Servers

Massive multiplayer online games only rose to real worldwide popularity in the early nineties. As the name implies, these games are multiplayer games on an incredibly grand scale. Millions of players now play these games from every corner of the world, which wouldn’t be possible without the servers that host the game. These servers see unprecedented traffic every day, so they have to be monitored and maintained. The server’s software constantly generates an instance of the game world that players connect to via client software. Depending on the game, the gamer may have access to the entire world or need to purchase expansion packs to access extra parts of it. This kind of connection would not be possible without the tech that gives us servers.

New Game Engines

Game engines are what developers use to create the framework that supports and carries every part of the game world and all actions taken within it. The scale of the worlds developers can now create is far beyond anything that the first gamers could have imagined in the 60s. Gamers are taken into intricate worlds full of new and exciting locations and fantastical creatures. Modern game engines can support an incredible amount of information, offering gamers a richer and more layered experience than ever before.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming now accounts for almost half of the gaming industry’s yearly revenue. Without the evolution of the landline to the cellphone to the smartphone, this kind of revenue stream simply would not exist. Mobile gamers use smartphones and tablets to get their gaming fix. Since these devices are so tiny, they can be taken everywhere and anywhere. You can game on a road trip, while you’re sick in bed, or even while you’re taking a relaxing bath. Mobile gaming has promoted the redevelopment of old games to work well on mobile devices and the development of entirely new games made specifically for mobile interfaces.


Wrap Up

Thanks to the evolution of modern technology, gaming is now a hobby that can transport you to realistically rendered worlds that don’t exist and help you to have experiences like fighting dragons or traveling through time and space. We’re excited about what the future of gaming and technology holds.