Top 3 Plagiarism Detection Apps You Should Have in Mind


    Many of the business activities are carried out on smartphones, such as writing e-mails, sending suggestions, etc. To do this, you may need to check the plagiarism in your letter via your smartphone.

    There was a time when business people had to write the content on their computers because they had to check the similarities, but now the time has changed, as the smartphone plagiarism-checking apps are launched to check them immediately.

    For freelancers, the plagiarism checker app seems baffling, because they can check the content before sending it to the customer.

    In this article we will discuss three of the most important tools for verifying plagiarism.

    Why it is important to check plagiarism?

    Plagiarism checkers are important to publishers and business people because they get you off the hook. Search engines like Google never allow the site to rank if it contains plagiarism; they always value the authors and face the copier.

    If you post plagiarised content, you may receive notification from the original publisher, author, or search engine to remove the content. If you still do not remove it, the search engine will remove your site or send your ranking to the 50th page of the search engine results page.

    It is much better to have the unique content instead of publishing plagiarised content to win the ranking on SERP.

    What does plagiarism checker do?

    The Plagiarism Detection App is a tool that scans your article and compares it to content on the Internet to find the similarities.

    Each tool has its specialty in recognizing the duplicate words, as most tools only recognize them from the web pages. Some of the pre-tools are able to recognize the copied sentences from the descriptions of YouTube and Facebook.

    Some of the tools have advanced artificial intelligence to detect the paraphrased content, which is also bad practice on the Internet.

    Before publishing the article on a platform, checking the content with a plagiarism check will lead the way to avoiding punishment by the search engine.

    1.    Prepostseo


    This application is available on Android and iOS where you can share your content to check duplicate content. However, this application is one of the best because it is completely free and available without restrictions.

    This application is easy to download, along with the ease of use, where you only have to insert the content. Another option for verifying plagiarism in this app is to upload the PDF or DOC file directly into the application. The app automatically extracts content for scanning and generates the report.

    Here are some of the features of this application that makes it one of the best:

    • This app is very quick to use, without waiting time or even advertising, it is completely ad-free and does not require any information.
    • The application does not require registration or subscription as it is free for all.
    • This app is 100% secure and will never share your content over the Internet.
    • You can insert or upload the file directly into the application to search for plagiarism.
    • It supports uploading PDF, TXT and DOCX files.
    • It checks every sentence because it compares phrase to phrase.
    • You will never share your entered content publicly, nor will you share your data, nor will you store your information in your database.



    This is another counterfeit verification software that works directly from your smartphone. It is able to verify your content through 5 different search engines, including Google, Google Books, Google Scholar, Babylon and Yahoo.

    The application is very famous for students, teachers, bloggers, business people, webmasters and freelancers, as all these professional activities are carried out via the mobile phone.

    One of the amazing features of this application is that you can also scan your document instead of typing the words into the app. So you can easily scan articles, business documents and books to have them checked for plagiarism.

    The tool is completely free for all peoples to use, while you also do not need to register or subscribe. The app has an in-app file explorer, while it could convert the various formats of files such as TXT, HTML, XLS, PDF, DOCX.

    3.    Plagly


    Plagly is an Android app that has several functions to look up duplicate content on your phone, and has several different functions to distinguish it from others.

    Some of the features are listed below:

    • This is an instant application that scans documents and compares them with other content on the Internet.
    • This tool is popular at the best colleges and universities to find the uniqueness of assignments, projects and theses.
    • This application compares sentence with sentence on the Internet and with other databases and also highlights the sentences that are plagiarized.
    • It uses the latest update of natural language processing, which checks for grammatical errors and duplicate content.
    • This app is available free of charge as a trial version, while it charges a monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any time.


    Many people work from their smartphones, especially students, teachers and freelancers, while submitting their projects via their smartphones. In this respect, they should have a plagiarism checker app, as the verification is now possible via their smartphones.