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Microsoft Office 2016 is hence one of the leading word processors in the world. However, most of the average users can’t find the money for the software. Luckily, you can find upon with a free genuine Microsoft Office 2016 product key online.

A Microsoft Office 2016 product key prompts the software to its top rate version. The premium or paid version gives you the way to all the variants of Office 2016. This includes Microsoft Word, as well as Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

Introduction to Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016 is a version of the Microsoft Office productivity suite, succeeding both Office 2013 and Office for Mac 2011, and preceding Office 2019 for each platform. It was released on macOS on July 9, 2015, and on Microsoft Windows on September 22, 2015, for Office 365 subscribers.

Mainstream hence ends on October 13, 2020, and prolonged somehow ends on October 14, 2025.

The perpetually licensed version on macOS and Windows used to be released on September 22, 2015. Since its successor Office 2019 solely supports Windows Server 2019 or Windows 10.

This is the remaining version of Microsoft Office well-matched with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, and Windows Server 2016.

Features of Microsoft Office 2016


Microsoft launched the contemporary update of Microsoft Office 2016 in January 2018, and that blanketed the contemporary version of Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

In addition to the latest features, the tech massive has additionally accelerated the Data Loss Protection (DLP) in the software. Users can additionally update their copies each month for free.

Microsoft has updated the Edge of the distinct packages within the Microsoft Office 2016 suite. Many of the users like how the new interface makes it less complicated for them to create documents.

And the more than a few purposes run smoothly within the Office suite.

Here are some of the new points you will get to know when you start using the genuine Microsoft Office 2016 product key:

  • Create, edit, and open documents
  • Access to search tools
  • Access online and offline versions of MS Office
  • Enhanced consumer interface
  • Retina display

Different Retail Suites of Microsoft Office 2016

  • Home & Student
  • Home & Business
  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Professional Plus

Retail suites for Mac include

  • Home & Student
  • Home & Business
  • Standard

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2016?

You can activate out your copy of Office 2016 without having to buy or search for a free key online. However, you can only set off the following versions of Office 2016 besides a product key:

Here are the easy steps you want to follow to entire the process:

Step 1: Click here to get into the official page with a code on it. Now copy the code.

Step 2: Open a fresh Text Document. Now check the image below.

Step 3: Paste the code into the Text Document. Click File in the top-left nook of the document.

Step 4: Save it as being a batch file with the name “1click.cmd.”

Step 5: Right-click on the file and pick Run as administrator.

Step 6: Wait a few seconds.

You have effectively activated Office 2016 except a product key. However, just make sure you take a look at to verify your new activation status.

Here are the easy steps you need to observe to activate Office with a free product key:

Step 1: Download Microsoft Office 2016.

Step 2: Run the setup to install the software on your computer.

Step 3: Follow the on-screen directions to whole the setup process.

Step 4: Disconnect the net connection from your computer.

Step 5: Use one of the major Office 2016 keys on this page to activate Microsoft Office 2016.

If you have been tried activating MS Office 2016 with these keys and you have no longer been successful, then you need to try some other method.

To retrieve your product key, you will need a product key recovery tool. In this case, we will use PassFab Product Key Recovery. This device can recover product keys for a large range of programs, such as Internet Explorer, Windows OS, SQL Server, and more.

PassFab Product Key Recovery

One of the key elements that make PassFab Product Key Recovery an extraordinary tool is its capability to perform a quick restoration using sophisticated algorithms as well as GPU technology. It hence works with all versions of Windows and computer brands.

Here are the easy steps you need to observe to get better your Office 2016 product key the use of PassFab Product Key Recovery: You can only use this healing device to retrieve a genuine product key. So, if your product key was once now not genuine, this tool would now not be of any use to you.

Step 1: Download and set up PassFab Product Key form of Recovery

Step 2: Click the Get Key button. After performing a complete search, the product key finder will list keys for the unique software suites.

When you reach the “product key now not working” error, you will probably suppose of attempting some other product key. However, if the problem persists, you ought to think about running Microsoft Activation Troubleshooter.

Once the process is complete, shut the troubleshooter and strive to reactivate Office 2016 again.

Microsoft Service Collection

Microsoft Office is a collection of services, applications, and servers created through Microsoft Corporation. This includes:

  • MS Word — A phrase processing program
  • MS Excel — A spreadsheet used to arrange records and numbers with features as well as formula
  • MS PowerPoint — Software used for presentations
  • MS Access — A Database Management System Access (DBMS)
  • MS Outlook — A Personal Information Manager Access (PIM)
  • MS OneNote — Software that is used to somehow take notes
  • MS Publisher — A laptop publishing program access.
  • Skype for Business — A Unified Communication (UC) programming access that elements common enterprise communication channels
  • MS Project — Program that manages distinct projects linked to Windows
  • MS Visio — Software used to make designs

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Final Verdict and Disclaimer

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