Life-Changing App Saves Everyone Time And Money While Helping Others

Life-Changing App Saves Everyone Time And Money While Helping Others

The existence of smartphones has indeed changed the lives of many people. In addition to the communication function, a smartphone will give you quick and easy access to information about anything.

You can get all these conveniences from various applications available in the App Market, such as the App Store and Play Store. These are the app categories that will definitely make your life easier!

Social Media Apps

Social Media

Of course, it’s not complete without downloading social media applications such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others. In addition to helping you connect with many people, you can also get a lot of information and entertainment content.

In fact, at this time, social media has become a promising platform for content creators to develop themselves and create content according to their passion. If you are talented in creating content, we think you should start your career as a content creator.

Banking Apps

If at this time you suddenly forget to bring your wallet, you don’t need to worry about it first. Nowadays, you can take advantage of various e-wallet applications or electronic wallets that can facilitate all forms of transactions.

Everything can be done in one online application, whether it’s buying something through credit, paying bills, or making payments at cafes and malls. So, you don’t need to bother carrying cash.


The habit of online shopping seems to have grown exponentially. No need to bother leaving the house; even while lying on the bed, you can quickly make various buying and selling transactions with just one click.

There’s a wide variety of products on every e-commerce platform. But no need to be confused; you will easily find many e-commerce applications that will make your life easier.

Online Transportation

The existence of an online transportation application on a smartphone must make your life easier. In the past, when there was no application, we had to take public transportation many times to get to a destination.

Right now, if you don’t have a personal vehicle, choosing online transportation is the right choice for daily mobility. Besides being more practical, you can also save time.

An example of this application is Grab. You can easily use various promo codes to travel more efficiently. Not only makes your mobility easier, but you can also order food and drinks through this application.

Security Apps


Not only on desktops, but security apps may also work best when used on smartphones. Nowadays, you may find lots of antivirus and VPN options. It’s always better to start using A VPN server since it can be your best and simplest way to protect yourself when going online. However, make sure to always check the quality before the price.

If you can, try to find a fitting balance between those two aspects. And please, spend your time reading the reviews before you actually try one of those security apps. See what people think about them, and make your decision based on the information.


Afraid of getting lost while traveling? As long as a Maps application is on your smartphone, you don’t have to worry at all!

These Maps applications will help you provide a route that you can take to reach a location. You just need to find the address or name of the place you want to go, and this application will provide precise and fast navigation.

Not only can it be used for cars and motorcycles, but you can also use the Maps application when walking, in case you get lost somewhere.

School and Education Apps

Virtual learning

Learning does not have to take place at school or tutoring; now, you can learn through various e-learning applications via your smartphone. From general knowledge like subjects at school, courses, and language skills, learning anything can be done.

Moreover, since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, face-to-face teaching and learning activities had to be stopped and forced everyone to study from home. Of course, the existence of this online learning application greatly facilitates everyone’s life.

Examples of the most used online learning applications are Duolingo, Google Classroom, Quipper, Brainly, and many more!

Productivity Apps

Not only for educational needs, but you can also find various applications that will accommodate your work in the office.

There is a Microsoft To Do application that functions as a planner and reminder for every work and task you must do daily. Google Calendar to set the time and schedule of meetings and other activities.

There are also chat applications such as Slack which employees commonly use to discuss work with various divisions, then the Trello application which allows employees to manage an ongoing collaborative project between teams.

With a smartphone, do anything on this smartphone, including photography and videography hobbies. Creating content on social media that looks more promising makes many people like to tamper with videos and photos to make them more attractive.

You need a good photo and video editing application to get the best results. You can try to edit photos in the Snapseed, VSCO Cam, PicsArt, and Adobe Lightroom applications on your smartphone.

Well, it’s different with videos; you can try editing your best video clips in the Kinemaster, VN, InShot, FilmoraGo, and many more.


Are you feeling bored? Go watch movies via movie streaming apps! No need to go to the cinema; now you can get entertainment easily through various streaming applications such as Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, and many more.

Only by paying a monthly, weekly, or daily subscription, you can easily watch dramas and movies from various countries and genres. You can do it wherever and whenever you want!

In addition to movies and dramas, you can also try downloading music streaming applications on your smartphone to accompany you on activities, such as Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube Music, and others.