How To Protect Your Company’s Data With An IAM? 7 Easy Ways!

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Your company’s data is its biggest asset and meddling with that might cost you a lot more than just your mental peace. Here are 7 ways in which you can protect your company’s data in te easiest manner possible:

1. Trust No One

The zero trust policy is something that is super simple yet super effective. This would mean that the IAM would make sure no one is trusted until they prove their identity. Every time someone enters the system, they would have to log in with all the information necessary. This will not only eliminate breaches but also monitor the behavior of the users.


2. The Stronger The Passwords, The Better

It is true that the stronger your password, the better. Try using some restrictions like no dictionary words or no sequence of numbers and alphabets like 123 and ABC. Even having the addition of a character as simple as a ? or an ! really helps strengthen the security of the password. It just has to be hard to guess and that will help greatly.

3. Going Passwordless Is Even Better

Maybe it is hard to have a hard password so why not go passwordless? That is a super easy way to just simplify your operations. Make a login system that does not involve a password and it can be anything from a social media login like “Login with Facebook” to an sms login or even a biometric one. It breaks the monotony and really helps avoid any errors on the way.

4. The Least Authority Pathway

Limiting the users from reaching more data than is required by them is the best way to protect it. The least authority principle is exactly that where a user is granted the least authority over data that they require to operate.

5. Try Multifactor Authentication

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Multifactor authentication is the way to go if you want to use an IAM to better protect your data and it is so simple yet so effective. With multifactor authentication, your users are required to authenticate a login with either an sms confirmation or an email one and it just helps with further securing the system and the data at risk.

6. Regulatory Compliances Save The Day

The best way to protect your company’s data with an IAM is to follow the rules. May seem pretty basic to do that but it works in ways you can not possibly imagine. It helps you every step of the day to consider General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and other security standards like Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Consumers really care about their data and it is the company’s asset so following the standard procedures and guidelines might be one of the safest options to protect it.

7. Choosing Tools4Ever As An Ideal IAM Service Provider

Data is precious and protecting it should be the first and foremost priority of your IAM software. This is where Tools4ever is an excellent service provider that really fulfills its promises and it delivers! It includes all the practices that are mentioned above and there is more to it. With Tools4ever, you will really be giving your company’s Identity and Access Management in trustworthy and experienced hands that will truly take care of it.