Google Play Store Screenshots: Things You Should Know

Google Play Store Screenshots: Things You Should Know

Doing business through the Internet is quite a challenge. The competition is so high. It means there are a lot of companies competing to be on top. Your company might just be one of several companies operating in a certain business category, right? That is why you have to intensify your online presence. One of the best ways to attract your potential customers is to have a mobile application. This is a platform where you can connect to your audience easily.

There are rules you need to follow when seeing to it that your Android mobile app will be known to Google users. An AppStore mockup is a requirement. You should have a mockup to ensure that your mobile app will rank high on the app store results. Google app store is one of the two major application stores where people can download mobile apps. Pleasing this particular store should be done through abiding by the sets of rules.

In this blog post, you will know that you can achieve business growth and success through the use of a mobile application. Follow the rules stipulated by Google for your app to be on top of the search results.

Do you think people will download your mobile app automatically without abiding by the rules set by the app stores? Definitely no! Why? Because the ranking is really important for online-based businesses. And, to mention further, the potential users of your app will check how essential such a platform is. Its importance must be manifested apparently. This is the main reason why you need to look for a provider of Google Play Store Screenshots.

Google Play Store Screenshots

Why are they important? Human beings love visuals. Yes, you read it right. Take note that the potential users of your products are humans. They have instinctive and intuitive decisions. Hence, you have to make sure that the screenshot images of your mobile app will hit the interest of the target users. Otherwise, it is going to be difficult for you to convince them that your mobile application is the best for them. Provide what is really needed by the audience and you will reap the results you ever wanted.

People Search for Apps on a Mobile Phone

In terms of sizes, there are rules set by Google. 320px is the minimum dimension while the maximum is 3840px. Following the required dimensions will assure that your mobile app will be indexed by Google. Be reminded that your main goal is to rank the app because this is where you can draw success. This is through this way where you will be given a great chance to compete strongly with the other companies which also have mobile apps on the app stores.

Furthermore, for Google Play Store uploading, the minimum number of screenshot images is at least two. The design of the images must dramatically be great. This is how you can lure potential users to download, install and use your business mobile application. Always keep in mind that the more downloads you can have for your mobile app, the more chances of winning the tight biz competition. So, it is recommended that you will follow the algorithms and policies of Google pertinent to app store optimization and other related strategies.

App Store Optimization: What Is It?

This is also referred to as ASO. This is a process whereby you will be doing your best to rank the listed app. When your app ranks high on the search results, it can be surmised that you can enjoy more business opportunities. Of course, numbers matter. When there are more people to download and use your app, it will be translated to more positive results in business. So, the main goal you should hit is to make sure that your app will rank high on the app’s search results.

This is the same with search engine optimization (SEO) for desktop/PC and mobile websites. There are keywords to be used to intensify the ranking of the mobile application. The main objective to hit is for your business app to be found and discovered by the searchers. Otherwise, you are not going to get the results that you really wanted to have. Ranking in this sense is very important. When your business app does not rank, it will lead your business to be weak in terms of competitiveness.

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The higher your app ranking is the more chances of hitting a competitive advantage. You can only have more opportunities when more people are attracted to your brand. In this case, your app plays a significant role and function. In what sense? Because you can attract more potential customers when your brand app is searchable through the mobile devices of the potential market. In today’s business landscape, being mobile is crucial. It can make or break your business. Think of the 6 million applications in the application stores. This number can speak of the present reality that the business world is embracing.

Well-Designed Images Are Vital

In terms of success, you need to design world-class and professional-appearing screenshot images. These images will visualize how great your business app is. This is a rule of thumb that you have to follow. Not following this rule will detriment your business app ranking. Thus, it is really a must to prioritize the quality of the mobile application. By doing this, you can have the assurance that your business will be doing great on the app stores.

Keep in mind that when your app is recognized by many potential users, there is a great chance that you can hit your objectives and goals. Simply put, you just want your brand to be recognized and embraced by potential customers. That is why it is imperative to have a graphic designer or an agency that can provide you with the needed app store screenshots for Google Play Store. Hiring a credible and qualified agency is suggested. Why so? Because they have the resources, tools, and manpower to realize what you really look for.

The pixels and sizes (which were discussed above) of the mobile application are crucially important for your business’s success. They have to be in line with what Google Play is recommending based on their guidelines and policies. Circumventing the rules is not good for your app and business, in general. Hence, it is really significant to ensure that your business can have the right mobile screenshot images. Remember that the potential audience (users) will look for great and intuitive designs.

General Guidance To Follow

Eventually, there are specific rules which you need to follow for your mobile app to be crawled and indexed by the app stores, most especially Google Play Store. First, you are required to upload at least two images of your mobile app. These images serve as an important visual that represents how great and beneficial your mobile application is for the users. This is important to abide by so that your app will rank high on the search results. The maximum number of images is eight, not more than.

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Second, in terms of landscape, you are required to submit at least 3 images. The aspect ratio you have to follow is 16:9. This is the best way to increase the eligibility of your mobile application to rank on top of the other competitive apps. Understand that in your chosen business category, many apps are trying to be on top. You have to make sure that your mobile application will be the one on top. Otherwise, your business may not be doing and performing well.

Third, when writing the description and features of your app, avoid being too promotional. Sales-pitching is really not that good for your business. This is the same context with your website listing content. You have to avoid promoting your product/s in an over-the-top manner. Why so? Because people really hate to be marketed or sold with something. Usually, the target users are looking for necessary information and content from your app. That is why your mobile app store description and textual content must be fairly written. This is a highly crucial aspect as far as ranking your app is concerned.

Lastly, the format of the images or screenshots can either be .PNG or .JPG. If it is a .PNG file, it must be 24-bit. Yes, this is the quality of the images that are required by the Google App Store. And, like what was mentioned above, the minimum pixel size is 320 and the maximum is 3840. You have to be aware that when your mobile app images are not following the required dimensions and pixel sizes, the app store will automatically reject your app during the listing.


What should you do now? Make sure that your business (brand) is well represented in the app stores. Why? Because there are a lot of business opportunities here. The app users worldwide are your prospective customers. Tapping them is quite essential as far as hitting your biz goals is concerned. So, the best way you have to follow now is to look for a legitimate and reliable app store branding agency. There are a lot of choices to be found online. Ramotion is one of the top choices you can try today.

Contact them now and let them perform their best to help you stand out on the market through a mobile application.