10 Best A/B Testing Tools to Use in 2023: Identify the Elements That Drive Traffic, Leads, and Conversions

10 Best A/B Testing Tools to Use in 2023: Identify the Elements That Drive Traffic, Leads, and Conversions

A/B tools can significantly help to determine which feature delivers the best user experience, generates the most leads, and enhances conversions to your website or app by allowing you to test and compare two versions of each feature to discover which one is ideal.

In today’s article, we will present 10 of the most sophisticated tools for this purpose that you should consider for your next testing.

1. Google Optimize (Google Marketing Platform)

Google Optimize (Google Marketing Platform)

Google provides incredible A/B, A/B/n, and multivariate testing software, including a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editor for the best A/B testing experience. That enables you to test various versions of the website to determine which one performs best and create appealing and engaging experiences on your website.

Switch between different screen sizes and ensure that your website looks fantastic on all devices utilizing a Responsive visual editor. Test multiple features on a page to discover which ones perform better on the website and drive the most engagement.

When working with landing pages or whole page redesigns, test distinct pages against each other using the Split URL function, and examine the results of tests using Visual editor diagnostics tools, which can inform you about any problems and help you fix them.

2. Optimizely


A wide collection of CRO tools makes Optimizely ideal for performing experiments and quick A/B and CDN A/B testing, server-side testing, and multivariate testing supporting digital commerce, website personalization, and web content management.

An intuitive and simple-to-use collaborative visual editor can reduce your testing woes! Web A/B Testing is a powerful tool that allows you to run a series of numerous tests on a single page safely to identify the optimal solution for you and your visitors.

Use the Personalization tool to send tailored messages, offers, and content recommendations to your users and analyze accomplished experiments using a robust analytics tool.

3. Oracle Maxymiser Testing and Optimization

Oracle Maxymiser Testing and Optimization

Oracle Maxymiser supports advanced testing and optimization, real-time behavioral targeting, in-session personalization, and product recommendations across a variety of websites and mobile apps.

It allows you to swiftly deploy and execute detailed A/B tests to find out what works and what converts using an intuitive visual editor, making the entire process easier and enjoyable. Before testing, you can collect essential user experience data from any platform and combine it with session data to get a complete customer perspective.

This allows you to appropriately decide which website features and components work efficiently, engage the most visitors, and lead to increased conversions. Using B2B Marketing tools, increase visitor engagement and loyalty by delivering content, offers, and promotions.

4. VWO


VWO is a popular testing platform used by some of the world’s most prestigious companies. It enables its users to do A/B testing on their content, strategy, features, and other complex tests.

Besides web experimentation, that lets you run powerful A/B tests and multivariate, split, multi-device, and multi-page tests on your website. This one offers some more valuable features and tools, such as experimentation and optimizing mobile apps for creating targeted and personalized campaigns and server-side experimentation for testing and releasing omnichannel experiences.

Also, the platform offers detailed behavior analytics tools that will help you understand more users’ preferences to build a better experience, great personalization to create a unique experience for every user, and other notable features.

5. Adobe Target

Adobe Target

Adobe Target offers AI-powered A/B testing tools for easily creating simultaneous tests on websites, mobile apps, and emails in search of the optimal solution for the greatest user experience on your website or app!

Easily test everything anytime, assemble the best experience using Adobe’s unified and progressive profile, and improve experiences using Adobe’s AI-powered automation. The automation allows you to test and personalize unique experiences for every visitor in a single click, optimizing the website and designing the best layouts to encourage your visitors to progress and convert.

You can also test, improve, and adjust the consumer experience for single-page apps, perform extensive mobile optimization for a better and faster mobile app experience, and optimize and personalize server processes.

6. Kameleoon


Kameleoon is another AI-driven platform that allows you to swiftly develop and maintain the greatest data quality, website performance, and privacy to give the best experience for your website visitors and users!

Create an infinite number of A/B and multivariate tests, optimize desktop and mobile experiences, set business goals, and track A/B testing to improve conversion rates, persistence, and visitor engagement. Its sophisticated graphic editor allows you to change text, colors, photos, CTA buttons, banners, or entire page sections without any coding experience.

A large widget library that you can use to create new templates will also help you create a better user experience, snippet your audience, and analyze their origin, behavior, and type of pages they are viewing in real-time with Kameleoon’s native criteria.

This platform will help you to engage each visitor to your digital assets with personalized content by implementing the Conversion Score feature.

7. Apptimize


Apptimize is a tool that enables anyone to perform A/B testing, web and app optimization, and improve digital experiences on websites to ensure a superb online user experience! Boost ROI, interaction, and revenue with A/B testing tools, easily experiment anytime and anywhere, measure test impact, and optimize the user experience on any platform, including website, mobile, mobile web, OTT, and store.

This one enables you to select and deliver matching messages, pricing, promotions, and features to each customer across all platforms. In addition, monitor and modify consistent marketing depending on their behavior across web and mobile apps, and regulate every future release for mobile, server-side, OTT, and web features to reduce the danger of releasing new functionality too soon.

8. Intelligems


Intelligems is a powerful, versatile, and simple-to-use platform for managing A/B tests on eCommerce stores, with simple steps for integrating and launching tests.

Access to all vital user data at any time and from any location, and evaluate it using real-time, comprehensive, and easy-to-read dashboards. With this platform, you can test price changes on your eCommerce site, test content titles, aesthetics, colors, headlines, and CTA buttons to increase conversions and establish plans by analyzing user experience data.

9. Nelio Testing


Nelio Testing is the most powerful and extensive WordPress and WooCommerce plugin for creating, managing, and analyzing numerous A/B tests! You can run user experience tests on things like alternate names, featured photos, product descriptions, or purchased items.

Utilize its tools to substantially improve your landing pages, write better-optimized content, create alternative pages, and test every section of your website, such as testing new themes, menus, and widgets to determine which combination is the most optimal.

Also, you can modify CSS, test custom content, define your goals, and track your visitors’ behavior by creating heatmaps to find out and analyze what the visitors do on your page.

10. Freshmarketer


Freshmarketer provides A/B and split URL testing for optimizing your website messaging, designs, and ideas for producing a great user experience! Its user-friendly editor allows you to easily develop several versions of your website, identify your business goals and track user engagement, and comprehensively optimize your website for increased conversion and revenue.

Better target your audience, record user behavior and actions on your website, find what works for them, and optimize your homepage as much as possible to increase conversions with a Segmentation tool. Finally, thorough reporting tools provide insights into how your tests are doing, as well as an analysis of conversion and other metrics and variants.


A/B testing provides significant advantages for your website. It helps you determine which components provide the best user experience and which generate leads and conversions.

Since the UX is paramount, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten A/B testing tools, each having some key features you should investigate regardless of the size of your business.