The Rise of Betting Apps in the US: How to Guarantee User Engagement

The Rise of Betting Apps in the US: How to Guarantee User Engagement?

Sports apps have become increasingly popular in America, with many States legalizing sports betting in the past few years. In the past year or so, several States, including Arizona, Louisiana, New York, and more recently, Maryland, have officially legalized online and mobile wagering within their State borders.

What Do Sports Fans Look for in A Sports Betting App?

As with all the state launches so far, with the recent inclusion of Maryland and more states expected to launch soon, and Ohio being potentially just two weeks away, the competition for mobile sportsbooks to safeguard their entry into the market is half of the battle. As markets continue to grow and expand, users will be looking for the top apps that promise fast, easy, and efficient user experience, amongst many things.

So, here are some of the things that a good sports betting app needs to have:

  • Easy login system
  • Free Plays and Practice
  • Betting Guides
  • Access to different Betting Types
  • Auto Updated scores
  • Easy payment management from the app

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Safety and Security

Developing a safe and secure mobile betting app is fundamental. Users want to make sure their information is protected, especially since they are sharing personal information and very sensitive data, which includes their address, the last four digits of their Social security number, and credit card information.

All of the sports betting apps need to have high levels of security to be approved to operate in a State and need to employ various data protection technologies to ensure the safety of bettors such as SSL technology which is a form of data encryption that ensures that user data is safe at all times.

User Experience

When creating any type of app, it’s important to make sure that it has a great user experience. This means considering factors such as how long it takes for an app to load, how easy it is to navigate through menus, and how intuitively designed its onboarding process is.

Additionally, usability testing needs to be part of any app development process in order to identify potential issues that users may run into or be experiencing while using the app.

A great user experience is usually what sets certain apps apart from others. Of course, there are other factors that influence a user’s choice, but a fast, interactive, and intuitive interface is almost always guaranteed to retain users.

One of the fastest-growing and reputable betting app operators in the United States is BetMGM, and one of the reasons why bettors love this app is because of its user-friendly platform. It is no surprise BetMGM was one of just seven betting apps to launch in Maryland last week, as it is one of the most sought-after betting apps in the US that offers users various customizations and integrations with ease.

The gambling industry has always been a pioneer when it comes to technology in its own right, as when developing these kinds of apps requires continuously meeting and exceeding high standards.

Fast and Easy Payment Management

Just as monetization is important for a betting app, so is being able to withdraw winnings quickly and without issues for bettors who have just won a bet. You could have a great-looking app with easy navigation and captivating features, but at the end of the day, if the user is not able to deposit and, more importantly, withdraw money they rightfully won in a timely and efficient manner, everything else loses importance.

For this reason, an important factor in any betting app that users will certainly look for is the ease with which they can handle money. Besides developing a faultless system to handle these payments, a good betting app should liaise with reputable banking methods such as Visa, Mastercard, and E-Wallet payments like PayPal.

Live Score Updates

One of the most important features of any sports app is live score updates. Sports bettors want to stay updated on their favorite teams, so it’s important that the app provides real-time scores and stats for all major sports leagues.

This will give users an up-to-date look at what’s happening in the world of sports without having to search elsewhere for information.

Real-Time Alerts

Another must-have feature for any sports app is real-time alerts. This allows users to receive notifications when specific events occur during the game (e.g., goals scored, injuries, etc.).

This way, they don’t miss out on any key moments during the game and can stay engaged with their team from anywhere.

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Interactive Game Schedules

An interactive game schedule is essential for any good sports app. Users should be able to quickly see upcoming games and matchups as well as past results in order to plan ahead and keep track of how their favorite teams are doing.

Having an interactive game schedule also allows users to compare different teams or players head-to-head so they can make informed decisions about who they root for and bet on (if applicable).

Video Highlights & Replays

Video highlights and replays are a great way for users to catch up on all the best action from their favorite teams or players at any time they want. Being able to watch key plays or hear expert analysis is always a plus when it comes to watching games or keeping up with athletes’ performance over time.

It also helps create a more immersive experience overall, which keeps people coming back for more.

Social Integration

The last must-have feature for any successful sports app is social integration. Having social media accounts linked directly to your application allows users to easily share content with friends or family members who may not have access to the same sports channels or news outlets as them.

This encourages user engagement and gives them more incentive to stay connected with their team even if they’re far away from home.

Final Thoughts

The makings of great sports betting apps are multifaceted. It is about providing users with a great betting experience by promising a smooth, high-performance app with the latest features and integrations whilst ensuring the user’s safety and security.