Top SEO Agencies in New Zealand in 2021

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    Online business is pretty competitive with the thousands of agencies available today. For this reason, companies generally avail the services of a competent SEO agency to make sure that they get relevant and dedicated clients to their website.

    A competent SEO firm knows the mechanics of internet marketing and will ensure that your company flourishes in the competitive market. A good SEO company ensures that you get relevant traffic to generate leads and sales. 

    This article has enlisted the top ten SEO agencies in New Zealand chronologically based on their popularity and reputation.

    Kiwi Website Design

    Kiwi Website Design, aka KWD, is one of the leading SEO agencies that helps New Zealand businesses improve their online presence, boost sales, and create potential leads. Their motto revolves around assisting clients in getting promising results. 

    When it comes to expertise, KWD possesses considerable experience in dealing with SEO-related projects. They have worked with hundreds of renowned companies fulfilling their expectations and delivered the results they desire.

    The agency also has a good reputation. As the SEO requirements keep changes, KWD always employs advanced techniques and applies them to fulfill clients’ needs. 

    Additionally, KWD comprises diligent professionals who are well aware of the current SEO strategies and tools to get the work done most aptly.

    Finally, yet importantly, KWD never violates Google’s guidelines, and it always uses the white hat technique to rank you higher in SERPs.

    Just SEO

    Just SEO is one of the fastest-growing company that renders excellent SEO services to its clients. They have helped a number of clients in New Zealand rank their websites to the front page of Google. Thanks to their creative, diverse and flexible team, Just SEO is able to accommodate so many clients in so many prominent industries.

    From web design to a plumber, real estate, English school, they have helped many businesses appear on the first page of Google by using battle-tested methods. They perform a full SEO audit, in-depth keyword research and create high-quality backlinks to improve the ranking right away. 

    Lastly, they claim a 100% refund if they won’t be able to rank your website on the first page.


    Clickthrough has become one of the prominent search engine marketing companies. They are eager to deliver outstanding SEO services and excellent results. They are relentless in the chase of perfection.

    Their team involves talented professionals who possess integrity, attitude, and passion for working dedicatedly to achieve desirable results for their clients. The company pledges to make realistic and honest commitments to its clients.

    Established in 2009, Clickthrough provides SEO services to various websites, companies, and eCommerce stores.

    The company strives to follow Google’s guidelines to use ethical white hat services. Moreover, Clickthrough has a great client base as well.

    Premium SEO

    premium seo

    Premium SEO is an affordable agency that has no setup fees. The agency has an incredible team that produces amazing SEO results.

    They improve your website’s ranking by employing a number of strategies such as practicing white hat SEO, creating a list of relevant keywords, analyzing Google’s first page, and optimizing on-page SEO.

    The company is ideal for small-scale businesses. Premium SEO ensures proven SEO for NZ businesses. The great thing about Premium SEO is that it evolves with time. It keeps itself updated with Google’s updates. From digital marketing to Copywriting, keyword research, and inbound links, they cover the whole process.


    eMagic is an SEO company based in Auckland, NZ, that is adept in SEO and SEM. The company has successfully handled over 100 businesses and helped them grow their revenue. All their motive is to get quality traffic to your blog and create leads, sales and profit. 

    They are proficient in implementing SEO tactics. They allow you to earn profitable traffic, and your site will show up in the relevant searches. The company doesn’t only intend to drive traffic but also focus on improving your conversions.

    They try to convert visitors into buyers. They also keep you informed through their monthly reports. You will be able to know about your traffic, leads, and sales in just 30 seconds.



    iDigital is an Auckland based SEO firm that makes your business visible online. iDigital helps manage your online marketing for you, so you can go on with running your enterprise and dealing with your customers. The company helps put up your business in front of the right audience at the right time.

    Secondly, their pricing range is very reasonable. You can get your business visible to your relevant audience with just a handful of amounts. 

    Their team has ten years of experience in dealing with multiple clients. Also, they are certified on the most popular platforms such as SEO, Facebook, Google Search, Google Ads PPC, etc.

    Digital Hothouse

    This is relatively a small agency as compared to other bigger SEO agencies. But this helps many businesses to improve their traffic online. The company has some good reviews on its name.

    Digital Hothouse offers SEO, Adwords, social media, content management, and Design. They value quality work, and their team members also burn the midnight oil improving and refining clients’ businesses without getting tired. The company is easily approachable. 

    Consisting of dedicated individuals, the company keeps digging for ways to generate potential revenue for its clientele.


    Isobar is a digital company that is an amalgam of creativity and technology to grow your clients’ businesses. The agency works by  

    merging strong strategic and creative thinking with expert data analysis and produces remarkable results. 

    The company creates brands, campaigns and digital platforms that help its clients flourish and shine. Based in Auckland, NZ, They offer SEO services web development, web design, e-commerce, digital marketing and branding. 

    Furthermore, The good news is that they’ve got a huge client base as well.

    Search Republic

    Search Republic delivers businesses to all size companies. They implement their tried and tested methodologies and acumens to build customized search and digital marketing approaches that will give your business outcomes.

    By doing SEO, Search Republic becomes directly responsible for growing our presence in the SERPs. They offer full on-page optimization and build tangible backlinks, which result in elevated site traffic and leads for your businesses.

    Ultimate Website Design

    This SEO company provides holistic and long-lasting solutions to its clients’ businesses. It’s one of the cheapest digital marketing agencies you will ever see. it usually develops user-friendly websites. The agency focuses more on creating attractive designs.

    A good-looking website always attracts customers’ attention more than the content itself. So this agency gives aesthetic delights to its viewer.

    Additionally, the company helps drive quality traffic to your website and maximize return on investment with SEO optimization.

    Apart from offering SEO, the company offers quality website designs services.