Top 5 Alternatives to Hootsuite in 2022 [Find Excellent Social Media Management Tools]

Top 5 Alternatives to Hootsuite in 2022 [Find Excellent Social Media Management Tools]

Running multiple social media pages for your business is a fun way to interact with customers and grow your brand. But it’s also a time-consuming and complex job where you need to juggle multiple websites efficiently.

That’s where social media management platforms come into play as they act as a funnel that unifies all social media websites into a single page and alow creating a good marketing strategy. This simplifies your workflow and ensures that you won’t miss out on any critical information while juggling multiple platforms.

What is Hootsuite?

One such social media management platform is Hootsuite. The platform has been operating since 2008. and it is one of the oldest social media management platforms today. Hootsuite has all the necessary features your channel needs to grow, from creating and scheduling posts to manage multiple channels. Having such seniority implies that Hootsuite possesses quality features that promote longevity.

Amplifying your social media impact doesn’t only help you but your customers as well. Because if your online presence shows them an image of stability and approachability, your customers and visitors will have no qualm about contacting you about any possible issues, questions, or opportunities. And if you’re not sure what platform requires more focus, Hootsuite offers a comprehensive analysis tool that can pinpoint critical areas you need to focus on.

But if you’re looking for a more specialized alternative, here are some of the best Hootsuite alternatives on the market in 2022.

Best Hootsuite Alternatives

1. Agorapulse


If you’re looking for a streamlined social media management experience, look no further than Agorapulse. It’s one of the best jack of all trades platforms that helps you manage your social media on multiple fronts.

Agorapulse has a special feature that categorizes noteworthy people to make sure your brand ambassadors and other highly engaged followers gain the attention they deserve. And to keep things as simple as possible Agorapulse works like an inbox instead of a constant information stream.

That way, you can focus on truly important issues instead of getting overwhelmed by a never-ending feed of social media interactions. If you’re not sure about committing to Agorapulse, you can just give it a try with a free version they offer.

2. TweetDeck


Running various brands has shown people that sometimes you don’t need a presence in every field. So to facilitate a unique social media experience for Twitter, TweetDeck was created.

It is a completely free tool that helps you manage your Twitter account through a streamlined dashboard of your feeds, notifications, messages, and trending hashtags. TweetDeck even offers a basic scheduled posting feature.

In short, if you’re just starting to build your social media presence, TweetDeck is a perfect tool as it allows you to focus on a particular platform without the requirement of prior investment.

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Online tools, just as physical ones, come in a variety of sizes. Just as there are cleavers and paring knives, bigger and smaller social media management tools exist that serve a different purpose.

While some tools help smaller websites and companies grow, others are made for large-scale corporate management. One such tool is Sprout Social, specifically designed to help businesses grow and manage their communities.

With a robust social media inbox and comprehensive scheduling features, Sprout Social can boost your company’s rating and simplify the task of managing a brand name. And with features like trend analysis, you’ll be able to keep on top of all the latest fads, so your engagement stays at maximum efficiency.

4. Tailwind


Most social media management tools tend to focus on Twitter, Facebook, or even Reddit platforms. After all, it’s much easier to manage a platform that focuses mostly on written content.

But if you need help managing a social media platform based purely on visual content, try Tailwind. It’s the best tool when it comes to managing platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest, as it was built to service visual content creators uniquely.

You can schedule image posts, automatically pin content onto your board, create pin loops that help you refresh your content, and even analyze the performance of your posts. And if you’re looking to branch out and find new interests from which you can grow your content, Tailwind has the Communities feature that connects you to other like-minded individuals.

5. Sendible


And if you’re looking for a strong all-rounder when it comes to social media management, the best option is Sendible. With all the standard features such as post scheduling, social media streams, social media inboxes, you’ll be able to keep up to date with all the information presented to you across various social media platforms.

From the giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, to even LinkedIn and Pinterest, every platform is unified into a single data stream. Sendible is the perfect tool if you’re trying to reach out to your audience without seeming too robotic.

With its content curation feature, you can see the content your followers might be interested in, so you can share it and grow your connections instead of simply publishing your own content.


In 2022. managing social media has become one of the most important jobs in the world. After all, social media changes how we perceive information and influences us with its ever-constant presence.

So give yourself and your business a fighting chance in this everchanging arena of social media management by using these brilliant tools that simplify your entire work process.