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How to Create a Sticky Header & Menu Using the WP Sticky Plugin: Short Tutorial With Easy Steps

How to Create a Sticky Header & Menu Using WP Sticky plugin [With Easy Steps]
The two things that the web designers put the most effort into when creating a webshop or a page are the home page and the page header. No webshop can be successful without good product photos. The same can be said for sites with poorly designed home pages and headers. They need to be polished, by designers, to attract...

Best Link Shorteners to Shorten That URL With Ease

Best Link Shorteners
Social networks and various online tools often do not allow the displaying of entire links or URLs, and they need to be shortened. For example, Twitter does this automatically, while some others need to shorten web paths (URLs) on their own. Trying to convince people to click on a long, messy link is almost as bad as a door-to-door salesperson...

What Is the Difference Between a Software Developer and a Software Engineer?

What Is the Difference Between a Software Developer and Software Engineer?
When looking to source the right candidate for a project, it can be overwhelming to understand which expert is required. Ideally, you want a candidate with specific skills, knowledge, and experience to complete certain tasks. When it comes to hiring candidates for software development projects, there may be confusion between choosing a software engineer and a software developer: Which is...

Remote Software Development Teams as a Proven Way of Dedication, Impeccable Quality, and Costs Saver

The remote development team remains one of the modern proactive approaches globally, and it walks hand-in-hand with proven quality, timely delivery, and loyalty. The web is full of blog posts like ‘how to motivate your employees, ‘how to prevent professional burnout’, ‘way to replenish your employees with an initial splash of productivity’, and other advisory writings.

Best Mobile Apps to Learn Coding on the Go

mobile gaming app
Information today is easily accessible on the internet, thanks to technological advancements. So whether you want to engage US Essays Writers or learn how to code, all you need to do is key in a search phrase in a search engine. College students should take advantage of the accessibility of information to master the...

InVideo Review 2021: Your Best Choice To Create Professional Videos Online

Professional Videos Online
Isn't it true that videos may be found everywhere these days? Whether it's WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or any other popular app, videos have found a place for themselves on almost every social media platform. And these are no longer simply basic and straightforward clips, but individuals have come up with a plethora...

Best Android Apps for Playing Matka Online

Best Android Apps for Playing games
The Matka lovers are glad to have the Matka game back. In the 90s, it was played in every street and every gaming center, but as its popularity increased, it was banned in India. As the internet made strong footings in India and online gaming became a trend, the Matka lovers got their favorite...

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