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InVideo Review 2021: Your Best Choice To Create Professional Videos Online

Professional Videos Online
Isn't it true that videos may be found everywhere these days? Whether it's WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or any other popular app, videos have found a place for themselves on almost every social media platform. And these are no longer simply basic and straightforward clips, but individuals have come up with a plethora...

Best Android Apps for Playing Matka Online

Best Android Apps for Playing games
The Matka lovers are glad to have the Matka game back. In the 90s, it was played in every street and every gaming center, but as its popularity increased, it was banned in India. As the internet made strong footings in India and online gaming became a trend, the Matka lovers got their favorite...

The Significance of an SSL Certificate to Your Medical Website

internet security concept
Do you need to secure a medical website with an SSL certificate? Does the healthcare industry need any security from hackers? Why would hackers be interested in users' health details? Why SSL certificate for medical websites? These are some of the questions that you ought to answer before setting up your medical website. The...

Filipino-Made Kalaro Gaming App Launched

mobile gaming app
With esports now being accepted as a legitimate sport, a super app for gamers has been produced and made available by Filipinos. The new app, Kalaro, is the first Filipino gaming platform to include tournament management, social media, and a video hub, among other features. With online video gaming on the up, such innovations...

5 Tips on Integrating Features Through an SDK in Python

5 tips for you
One of the best things about developing an application using Python today is the wealth of resources available at your fingertips. You don’t have to develop your application from scratch and can instead rely on existing modules, SDKs, components, and snippets to speed the development project up. SDKs in particular are handy for when...

How To Create And Implement An Agile Workflow

team Agile Workflow
Businesses and teams, in general, face so many challenges every single day. There's always that need to do more, produce more within the same day—all without sacrificing on the performance quality. It seems as if quotas are getting higher than ever, given that businesses today are also facing so much competition. So, to survive,...

Online Mobile Game Market 2021

online gaming world
The increase in game users over the last year alone brought about a huge shift in the gaming industry. One apparent impact is that the industry is raking in more billions of dollars, thanks to over-subscription in online casinos. As a result, operators in this space, such as game developers and marketers, have a...

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