Filipino-Made Kalaro Gaming App Launched

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With esports now being accepted as a legitimate sport, a super app for gamers has been produced and made available by Filipinos. The new app, Kalaro, is the first Filipino gaming platform to include tournament management, social media, and a video hub, among other features.

With online video gaming on the up, such innovations are welcome additions to existing
platforms. Market leaders in the online casino space like Spin Casino are set to benefit
immensely from such technological advancements that enhance the user gaming experience.

This is a casino that fully endorses the development and incorporation of forward-driven innovations for the sake of the customer and the market at large. Kalaro aspires to be a major player in the esports industry, which was estimated at $151.55 billion on the global stage in 2019 and is expected to grow by 20% to $179.7 billion in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to GroupM, a global media investment firm.

The global audience for esports or structured types of competitive gaming played in tournaments and leagues is estimated to be 495 million people.

There are currently 43 million eSports fans in the Philippines alone. As a result, it’s no surprise that Filipino gamers have recently dominated some foreign online gaming competitions.

Team Philippines has been crowned champions of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M2 World
in January 2021 and the FIBA Esports Regional Championship in April in just four months.

What’s more, if Filipino gamers get all the help they need. The Philippines has the potential to become an international eSports powerhouse. Pinoys aren’t far behind, thanks to our unique abilities and talents, and new technologies like the KALARO super app will help us achieve greater heights.

Features of the new Kalaro Gaming App

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When you access the app, these are the key features of the gaming platform that every fun-loving gamer will enjoy:

● Tournament Management – With only a few taps on the KALARO app, you can
manage several tournaments, including player registration, team formation, bracketing,
and promotion. It’s never been easier to manage and scale eSports competitions from any
place. Gamers can easily participate in successful tournaments, which can serve as a
testing ground for them to practice and develop their skills in preparation for more
competitive and larger tournaments in the future.

● In-app Social Media and Content Browsing – Expand your network by interacting with
other players in real time while honing your gaming skills. Since this will also act as a
social media forum and a video portal for the gaming world, there is a better chance of
being discovered. Furthermore! For cashless purchases and a better gaming experience,
there is an in-app currency made up of gems.

● Brand Integration – KALARO can be used as a forum to simultaneously monetize and
activate brand promotions. Companies will tap into the gaming community organically,
as gamers are known to endorse goods and services that fund eSports events. Gamers and
tournament organizers may use KALARO to start forming networks.

● In-app Advocacy – In addition to promoting work-life balance, KALARO also supports
eSports and public sustainability. One of the organization’s aims is to help gamers
develop the discipline they need to be accepted as true athletes in the world of eSports.
When these goals are met, more businesses will recognize the importance of using
eSports as a team-building initiative to foster camaraderie, schools will embrace video
games as part of their curriculum, and the government will continue to fund the eSports
industry, as it does in other countries.