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Can You Have a Fax Number Without a Landline?


If you are a traditional fax user, you would probably be fretting over the portability issues that occur with fax machines. The fax machines are high maintenance as their operational costs do not come to an end, not to mention the variable costs that keep on altering.

Despite the issues with a fax machine, the fax document is perennially important. The admissibility, convenience, and security offered by fax documents seconds to none. If you are under an impression that you need a landline to fax, you have to know that it is a misconception.

You do not need a landline to fax and you do not need to go through the hassle of fax machine maintenance to send out a fax. With the evolution of online faxing services, fax documents have become most efficient and perfect. 

CocoFax: Fax without a Landline

CocoFax is an online fax service providing application. The application has a 12 years standing and reputation of providing the most reliable faxing service. If you search for an online fax service online, you will be bewildered by the options and alternatives.

Despite the plethora of alternatives available, the superb interface, facilities, and features that you attain with CocoFax compare to none. CocoFax has attained patronage by loyal users who vouch for the application and its features.   

Fax without Landline

By virtue of CocoFax, you do not need a landline installation for using any fax facilities. You do not have to bother about wires, connections, installations and maintenance. Your life and business operations can be free from any sort of dependency upon office infrastructure. 

All you need for faxing through CocoFax in a landline less way is to get a CocoFax subscription, a reliable Wifi connection and an internet compatible device. That’s it! CocoFax has a flexibility that offers immaculate dynamism to your business communication. 

The application works on any platform you can think of. CocoFax works effortlessly on desktops, laptops, iPads, and even your smartphone. Imagine, you can send out a fax from the palm of your hand. 

Fax from CocoFax Dashboard

With CocoFax, you have a lot of alternatives at your disposal. You can use the web browser to access the CocoFax dashboard. You can send and receive faxes directly from this web-based app. CocoFax’s web based application is nicely interfaced and even a first timer can be a pro at it. 

This CocoFax dashboard also comprises a database of all faxes received. This platform will have storage and logs of all faxes received and sent out from that very platform. It is a web-based dossier of the fax exchanges undertaken. The web based application is quick at sending and receiving faxes. It is prompt, quick and immediate. 

Fax From Email Without Landline

You absolutely do not need a landline to send out a fax from CocoFax. The most popular mode of sending out faxes is to send faxes through email. CocoFax is compatible with every popular email mode. We all use emails and isn’t it amazing that the same platform can be used to send out faxes?

This method is immensely popular because of the ease of usage. Whether you are using Gmail, yahoo mail, outlook and other major mail accounts can be used to send out faxes. You just have to add the suffix cocofax.net to the fax number. 

Let’s simplify this a little bit. If you need to send a fax to a number, you need to convert the number into a fax compatible email. This can be done by adding cocofax.net as a suffix to the fax number. That is all. 

CocoFax changes the fax number to an email ID and ends up connecting two utterly different platforms. By adding the required suffix, CocoFax ensures that the faxes are sent out from the emails and received on the desired fax number.

Fax without Landline through Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft office 365 has backed many corporations and eased out their communication. So, when it comes to faxing whilst still engaging in the business communication, CocoFax works wonders.

In addition to using office communication giants like Outlook, CocoFax can also be added as an add-on feature to the Microsoft word document.  When chosen as an add-on, CocoFax would appear as a ribbon on the home and description of the sheet. 

When you click on the ribbon, it will lead you to a CocoFax account. You then would need to reconfirm the fax sending out. Once confirmed, the fax gets delivered in a jiffy.

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Fax without Landline through Google Drive

You can fax seamlessly through Google Drive. While Google Drive in itself is a great option for storing databases, it can also be used to send out faxes from. Without having to download the documents, you can attain the benefit of faxing in a very fax machine less way. 

Fax without Landline through Smartphone

You can also use your very own smartphone to send and receive faxes. Having the facility of sending a fax too through your smartphone is just a blessing. CocoFax is a well suited app that works on smartphones as well!

Free Fax Number with CocoFax

Getting a fax number is totally easy with CocoFax, as every CocoFax subscription comes with one. As an ordinary course of your scanning facilities with CocoFax, you also attain a fax number with no extra cost.

Further, you can root for Cocofax for the below mentioned reasons:


CocoFax is extremely reliable with the secured encrypted message protection. You can count upon the platform to protect your faxes from any and every sort of online bugs. Your system and documents will be safe and secure.

30 day Free Trial

CocoFax offers a 30 day free trial and that is a good enough time period for you to check how compatible you are with the platform. If you do think that it is not suiting you a lot, you can opt out of the plan without any extra cost.


Ergo, you no longer need a landline to fax. Infact, if you are using landlines, you must immediately switch to CocoFax as you will save so much money and operational hassles if you opt for it. 

With CocoFax, you can save time, effort, and even avoid the operational cost of a traditional fax machine. Further, the free fax number makes the subscription very much worth it. If you haven’t switched to online faxing yet, you are missing out on quite a lot!