How to Sign PDF with Electronic Signature

Electronic Signature

Electronic signatures are an easy way through which you can digitize your working process. This is one of the most advanced methods that can be used to make the workflow better and do professional documenting stuff effectively. 

Signing PDFs with electronic signatures can be done as technology has modified, and there are many ways to do it without any issue. If you are looking forward to knowing how it can be done, you are on the right site. 

In this article, we are going to let you know how to sign PDFs with electronic signatures. Read this information till the end without skipping anything and find out all about the significance of signing PDFs with an electronic signature.

Why Signing PDFs with Electronic Signature?

Today’s digital world requires you to change your ways that you followed a long time ago. Usage of paper isn’t something new, and all of us are using them from the start of history. To come up to the excellence level of modern-day demands, we all need to alter old ways and move forward to newer ones. 

Signing PDFs with e-signatures saves a lot of manual work, time, and energy, so you would be able to invest it elsewhere. If you want to know how to sign PDF online, you can find more here by reading it till the end.

You can also save a lot of money that you otherwise spend on buying papers, scanning, printing, photocopies, etc. All of this has its own economic and environmental reasons. 

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One of the primary and foremost benefits of using e-signatures is that they are considered as legal. You can present them in court if needed. Most of the developing countries are following it and using e-signatures as they are legally permissible.

When you have this perk of signing documents via electronic way, you don’t have to manually. This is convenient in many situations. Wherever you are, whatever you do, there is no need to be physically present at a specific place to do the signing work on your own at a fixed time because now you can do it elsewhere by using an electronic device.

Signing papers manually has many disadvantages as your confidentiality always remains at stake. You cannot logically carry your essential documents everywhere, as there is a chance that they might be lost. You can do all the signing work electronically by only having a good internet connection and an e-device.

The process of digitized paper leaves behind an auditable trail. The same goes for e-signatures too, as they offer you a crystal clear view of when and where a document was signed and exactly who signed it. 

Electronic signatures are logged during the document process and can be fulfilled to easily track the process and refer back to execute the transactions. As compared to paperwork signed in print, there is the possibility of losing track of documents that are e-signed remain minimal.

Save yourself from time-consuming paperwork and make your work professional deals and agreements done via electronic processing. You can save time-sensitive documents on time, without delaying them and waiting for the other party to sign them.  

The process of e-signatures is faster, reliable, and quicker because people can do it within a couple of minutes. A considerable lot of documents can be signed within a couple of minutes from different parties without waiting for them to be physically present to do all the work that takes a lot of time to be done.

Although the work in itself is not time-consuming, the external factors can become a hurdle here. 

CocoSign, The Best Electronic Signature Software

CocoSign is known as a popular cloud-based Software-as-a-Service provider that lets businesses of all sizes make the most out of digital signatures and documents. With the help of digital signatures, users can digitize their business and highlight numerous routined activities. 

As it is cloud-based, you can utilize it from any electronic device with an account and internet connection. The technology of this software makes sure that the signatures remain relevant and compliant according to the regulators. You can also make contracts, agreements, and settlements within minutes to make your workflow smooth.

If you want to enhance the digital signage capabilities to people outside of your business, then CocoSign is the best option to go for. You can provide the necessary tools to your business partners, suppliers so that they can read and sign the documents as early as possible. 

If you need to go for a cost-effective solution, then CocoSign is the best option. Here you can choose subscription plans according to the nature and size of your business. In case you need to move towards a different plan, you can do it anytime according to your business’s requirements. 

You don’t need to wait for a document to be signed at the other end, which mostly causes trouble with your business operation to run effectively, but with CocoSign, signing documents quickly has never been this much simpler. All around the world corporations are using state-of-the-art software to sign their documents.

A library full of templates is available so that you can pick according to your business plans’ necessity. Another feature of CocoSign that cannot be overlooked is the availability of real-time. You can see all the documents in real-time, and get to know when someone signs, edits, open the document. 

All the activities are being tracked here, so you can easily find out about them and check digital signatures’ status. You can try its homepage to learn more. From its interface, you can monitor who has signed the documents and who is next in turn. 

Your documents will remain extra safe here because you are supposed to verify them with passcodes and fingerprints. CocoSign also utilizes advanced digital encryption protocols for the sake of keeping all information secured. All dealings will be conducted via a secure SSL line.

You can quickly gain access to the documents even when you are offline. You can sign them and save them in drafts also. Apart from that, multiple documents can be signed within a couple of minutes. To increase the process of signing, you need to custom fields.

Using CocoSign to Sign PDFs with Electronic Signature

Step 1. In the start, you need to drag and drop your PDF onto the highlighted area so that you could upload the file to the platform. Another thing is to tap the ‘choose file’ button.

Step 2. To sign a PDF online, choose the document, pick a signature type, and make a signature free by using a mouse, an electronic pen, or touchpad. Then you can add this digital signature to the document. You can also upload a ready-made signature.

Step 3. After making all the changes, tap the option that says “Download’, and you have your signed pdf downloaded through a secure SSL connection.


We hope that this information would be clear enough for you in getting to know about the importance of electronic signatures and how one can change PDFs into e-signatures. Try out the application mentioned above as this one is considered the most reliable choice out there in the market. 

You can rely on CocoSign without having any second thoughts, as this tool has everything that one needs in a trusted software that could offer you the benefit of saving data with 100% secrecy and confidentiality.