Four Ways to Build a Happier Workforce

Four Ways to Build a Happier Workforce

Would you believe us if we told you that the happier your workforce is, the more successful your business would be? Of course, you would; that’s common knowledge. Although this statement may sound pretty obvious, study after study has revealed and demonstrated that employee happiness is directly correlated to your business’s success through higher levels of employee productivity.

As a matter of fact, companies with happy employees outperform the competition by up to 20%, and happy salesmen close 37% more sales than their unmotivated, melancholic counterparts. So, if you’re an entrepreneur who employs people and wants to excel at what you do, it can be challenging for you to ignore these numbers.

Even so, you’re probably thinking something like: “Ok, that’s great, but how can I create a better working environment in my company and have a happier workforce on my payroll without breaking my back or bank?”

Well, today you’re in luck because we’re not only here to tell you that yes, you can. But we’re also going to share our list of the top four ways you can incorporate in your company culture to build a happier, more productive workforce and how to be the leader that everyone wants to work for.

1. Start Using Technology More Effectively

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Let’s start this list by saying that technology is your friend, as there are numerous tools, workplace solutions, and technology-enabled events that you could use or incorporate designed to make your life and the lives of your workforce easier.

For example, you can use technology on the workforce management front to provide your employees with greater flexibility by offering them to work from remote locations on designated days every week. In addition, you can also make the most out of technology-enabled communication tools to organize a virtual lunch and learn program. Such a program is a fun combination of a learning and social event. It can help you maximize your employees’ professional development, skill-building, and team bonding at the same time.

Since all employees want to know when they’re working, want to be paid on time for their services, and can swap shifts if they need to, there are digital workforce management and scheduling solutions you may opt to integrate to empower them to be more productive, efficient, and happy. Technology is your friend, so make sure to use it in ways that will make your employees content with the tools you provide them to make their lives and work easier.

2. Often Deliver Praise and Recognition

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Do you know that feeling underappreciated at work is the number one reason Americans leave their jobs, beating out low salaries, limited vacation days, and not enough flexibility for life outside work?

For that reason, you should offer consistent praise and recognition to your employees, as it can make your team feel more excited and eager to contribute to company-wide initiatives. You can ask your workforce how they want to be recognized for a job well done by commencing a team huddle or sending out an email to get their honest feedback on how they prefer to be complimented when credit is due.

For some employees, it may be a quick “You did a heck of a job!” shout-out during a company-wide Zoom session, while others react better to one-on-one positive feedback sessions. Whichever the case is with your employees, the key is to be consistent in your efforts and make them feel recognized by their superiors.

3. Make Work-Life Balance a Priority

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Nowadays, when the concept of work-life balance has become a priority for many thriving organizations, your workforce needs to clearly understand that you value them as both loyal employees and individuals who have a life outside of work that’s just as important.

To do that, make it known across your company that having a work-life balance is a priority for your organization by offering them work-from-home Thursdays, discounts on particular health and wellness programs, unlimited vacation days, or childcare options. Offering them incentives that can improve their overall quality of life will showcase that you care about their well-being just as much as you care for them being efficient and productive while at work.

4. Get Out of Your Work Routine Occasionally

Sitting behind a computer all day long or dealing with customers for extended periods, day in and day out, can undoubtedly become mind-numbing activities. For that reason, you can surprise your team by holding your next company meeting outside your premises at their favorite brunch spot, for example.

Tell them that instead of coming into the office on Friday, you’ll begin your day with a company-wide breakfast at their favorite spot near the office. This will make your employees ultra-productive during the following week as they will be well-rested, refreshed, and more than happy to tackle new company projects.

Final Thoughts

Having a happy and highly-productive workforce is a win-win for both the business owners and the workers. So, test to find what works for your employees and build a happy workforce that’s always smiling and ready to work. So, if you’re eager to implement the ways mentioned above to turn your grumpy crew into a happy one, don’t waste time and start this Monday.