6 Best Mailchimp Alternatives To Use in 2022: Improve Your Email Marketing

6 Best Mailchimp Alternatives To Use in 2022: Improve Your Email Marketing

Mailchimp is a more or less well-known company in the digital industry, which has been on the email services market for 20 years, and it was a powerful platform. While it is still popular, there are a lot of other similar email marketing platforms you can check. Email marketing platforms are developing and making it easy to grow your online business or WordPress website.

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Here is the list of the 6 best MailchimpĀ alternatives you need to try in 2022.

1. Moosend Website Connector

Moosend Website Connector

Moosend allows you to easily sync your users to their activities and keep track of their characteristics. As soon as someone registers or logs in to your website, Moosend can recognize them and chart out all of their activities. Even if a visitor is logged out or has never logged in, the Moosend Website Tracking for WordPress plugin tracks their actions and generates a user profile.

Most of your visitors’ actions are analyzed immediately, allowing you to deliver customized personalized suggestions based on their behavior. It’s simple to include your most popular items, or those with more income, in your campaigns and automation systems. This automation is quite strong, but they are also straightforward to install.

2. GetResponse for WordPress

GetResponse for WordPress

GetResponse for the WordPress website allows you to connect site visitors to your list of contacts, change contact details, and embed GetResponse funnels as a page on your WordPress website. It can monitor site visits and send e-commerce information to GetResponse.

The plugin aids in the growth of your list of contacts and guarantees that you have all of the necessary connections and eCommerce data to design successful marketing email campaigns. You may add clients to your contact list and transfer eCommerce data to GetResponse using the constructed WooCommerce connector. You can add customers at checkout, send client lists to GetResponse, and collect statistics on client spending habits, items, transactions, and checkout.

3. ConvertKit


By embedding email capture forms wherever ConvertKit makes it simple to gather more leads and sell more things. With continuously attaching a lead generation form to any piece of content, this extension makes it so much easier for those who use WordPress.

If you select a standard form on the tools menu, it will be located at the end of each post or page on your site. You may disable form anchoring or choose an alternative form for a specific post or page by using the ConvertKit meta box on the customizing form. You can use the shortcode to place the basic form into a post or page’s information center.

4. Sendinblue


The Sendinblue WordPress plugin makes it easy to create membership forms to increase your mailing list, handle financial email sending, track page visitors, and more. Sendinblue’s WordPress email plugin lets you create forms in a flash and synchronize them with your Sendinblue database.

You can set up multiple opt-in and automatic welcome processes to increase your list and interaction. With Sendinblue’s WordPress email extension, you can create forms in a flash and integrate them with your Sendinblue list. Set up multiple opt-in and automatic welcome sequences to increase your list and interest.

5. Mailjet Email Marketing

Mailjet Email Marketing

Directly from your WordPress admin, create and manage all of your marketing and transactional email campaigns with Mailjet. To allow your website users to subscribe to your newsletters, create and configure contact form widgets. Using the shortcode, embed the subscription widget in any website or post.

The user role is introduced to Mailjet as a user feature to filter and target marketing emails to the appropriate group. Thanks to continuous synchronization, you’ll never have to worry about customer service again. Generate creative and entertaining emails simply from your WordPress dashboard with the drag and drop email editor or HTML builder.

6. Official MailerLite Sign Up Form

Official MailerLite Sign Up Form

The MailerLite sign-up form plugin for WordPress makes it simple to increase your email subscriber list from your webpage. The plugin connects your WordPress form to your MailerLite email marketing account automatically. When you stimulate this email platform, you’ll be able to pick and upload any of your MailerLite accounts’ already built web data or generate new forms from the beginning.

You can use a plugin to put the contact in the sidebar or a shortcode to put it anywhere you wish. This plugin makes it simple to integrate MailerLite web forms into your WordPress blog or website. When it comes to creating new web forms, you have several alternatives. Subscribers can be saved to your MailerLite subscription fast and easily.


Email marketing is considered the fastest-growing form of communication technology in history. Don’t miss this way to grow your online business. All of the mentioned Mailchimp alternatives have a lot of features that can help you optimize your online presence.