What is Artificial Intelligence? How it Works? Full Review in 2020


    Artificial Intelligence (AI) means that the intelligence was given to a machine or machine intelligence that works and responds like a human. The work is done by a computer program or a robot as smart as a human it is all because of artificial intelligence.

    The founder of this most wanted artificial intelligence is Mr.John McCarthy. Artificial Intelligence is around us from household things to computer programming. Nowadays we can see many things that are working by AI some of the examples are expert dietitian, self-driven cars, hand recognition, nice recognition….etc.

    Applications of Artificial Intelligence


    2.Healthcare Industry

    3.Agriculture Industry

    4.Data security


    6.Transport Industry

    7.Finance Industry

    8.Entertainment Industry


    10.Education Industry.

    Uses of Artificial Intelligence

    1.Identification of a Objects

    Identification of a Object

    Identification of an object is nothing but detecting an object in an image the use of artificial intelligence in the detection of an object is collecting or identification of objects in a respective image like a car, bus, face detection, hand detection, plant leaf detection.

    The objects are tracked by color identification or by background blur. Hence we use some of the artificial intelligence algorithms to detect the objects.

    2.Hand Recognition

    By using artificial intelligence we can detect the hand by some of the major detections like finger tips, color, center of the hand the machine identification the hand is can be done only by artificial intelligence the color is identified or detected by RGB color’s these are nothing but the primary color’s of color theory [RED, GREEN, BLUE] these are detected by artificial intelligence.

    By identifying the object and then remove the noise in the respective image and make sure that the image is free of noise later on it process the image and recognize the hand center part and the find the fingers and their tips of the fingers and they process the data and check the data set that the identification of the object is related to this or not, later on, they move to color detection that means the detected hand tone is bright color or not.

    3.Plant Leaf Disease Detection

    The plant leaf disease detection is also done by the algorithms of ai here we identify the plant disease so for that we required an infected plant and capture it by camera and they the proses begging for detecting the leaf we need to remove the noise as said before tin hand recognization then algorithm process the plant leaf and check the type of disease it gets for verification.

    We have a data set related to the disease of plants where they frequently get and here we also provide a remedy for the plant disease detection after identification of the plant is infected it will be given a remedy otherwise it will give some instruction to get good quality products to food.

    The plant may be infected by n number of diseases it may be having no of infections and that can’t be given good product this can be detected by a machine by using artificial intelligence and their algorithms. Plants are very important for the crop, the crop is important for cultivation, cultivation is the backbone of our country.

    The crop are not good due to spraying of many pesticides so that many plants are infected by n no of disease so to help the farmers we need to do take a plant and detect the plant disease so that we can give a solution for the respective problem without knowing the problem we can’t give a remedy.

    4. Face Identification

    Face Identification

    The identification of the face can be done by a machine by AI here we use some latest algorithms that can detect the face by a machine so we use AI for detecting we generally face and recollect the data from memory here in this the machine concentrate on eyes, mouth, noise.

    The identification is done by machine using artificial intelligence there are n no of uses by using AI we are having some of the algorithms like a neural network, CNN thee are some of the algorithms to identify the face where they have some data set that the face can be selected on the bases of the data set.

    We generally think the computer or a machine detects the face yes it correct the face is detected by identifying the face in the data set that means the structure of the face and styles of hair can declare the gender variations and then the machine detecting the face is unable to ever one some of the people may have doubts about it dose it possible and it true it is possible by AI.

    Self Driven Cars

    Self Driven Cars

    The self-driven cars are also the best example of AI  these shows the machine works without help of a man anymore the car drive on its own by detecting the remaining cars on the road and reach the destination safely it is proved the AI work all over the world and then the car detect the object and length of the object and identifies the color of the object and later on it knows al the traffic rulers.

    It is safe to use the cars the human is unaffected and the journey is smooth with these cars these have google maps where we need to set our location or set the destination where we need to move so, later on, we are safe to travel in the car these happen due to AI the man can do anything he wants even a non-living thing can work.


    I declare that the artificial intelligence is all around the world we need not search to see the application of  it because it is every were in and around us. They help us from home to programming.

    We have many other applications that are done by using AI and their algorithms. I personally declare that the medical field also using this artificial intelligence in day-to-day work so we need to find know of way to help your people by this so the applications and processes given above are a little part of AI.