Top 5 Social Media Content Ideas for Elevating Your Brand

Top 5 Social Media Content Ideas for Elevating Your Brand

Have you run out of content ideas for your brand? You are not alone. After weeks or months of coming up with fresh ideas, you will feel spent. Many people get to this stage where they need to step back and ask themselves what’s next. But all hope is not lost yet.

We have come up with easy content ideas you can incorporate into your marketing campaign and reap huge rewards. If you are a beginner, here you can learn how to create a digital marketing strategy in ten steps as well as how to find micro influencers.

1. Invest in Weekly or Monthly Events

Some brands even choose to go with daily events. But on top of everything else you need to do, that can feel like a lot of work. So, what does an event entail?

It’s a day where you focus on a specific topic that interests your audience. Say, for example, that your brand focuses on mental wellness. You could carve out a day of the week where you can tackle one mental problem via alive.

That would allow your followers to join the life and learn about different issues every week. Eventually, they would start marking this day on their calendars and sharing the news with their friends.

It’s an easy way to establish an authentic connection with your target audience and promote social media account. If you can run daily events, that would also work – but remember that consistency, in this case, would be tricky.

2. Host a Giveaway

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Do you want to give back to your audience? Are you looking for a way to get more people interested in your brand? Well, giving them free stuff might be the way to do it. But before you go out and start forking out cash or products, let’s think about how you can use this opportunity to your advantage:

– Create a fun giveaway that would prompt people to participate. While people like free stuff, they will not accept just anything. So, find a best-selling item in your brand and offer it free to a given number of people. E.g., five lucky winners will receive a spa day at your salon.

– Come up with fair terms to participate in the giveaway. You do not want to develop strict terms that put people off. Instead, you want to lure people into liking and following your page or doing things that come easily to them. For example, you could state that all participants must like the giveaway post and tag two friends in the comments.

Moreover, all participants must follow your page to be considered for the prize. That is not too much to ask for, and many people will be willing to follow the instructions.

– Limit the entry time and announce the winners as soon as the period ends. A week should be enough in most cases.

You will notice an increased engagement rate in your posts once you start hosting giveaways. Host more giveaways rather than extending the waiting periods if you want more engagement. The latter could put people off from participating in the contests.

3. Open Up to Questions

How often do you interact with your audience on a personal basis? While it might not be your cup of tea, recent surveys show that such sessions shed light on your brand and make it easier for your audience to relate to you.

So, on days when you are not particularly busy, you can ask your audience to:

– Ask you anything they would like to know. People can then direct questions to you, and you can offer your unbiased opinions. Such questions are pretty open-ended, and you may not have much control over what people ask you. However, you can choose which ones you would like to answer.

– Ask you about a specific issue. For example, if your brand deals with skincare, you can ask your audience to share their queries about dry skin. Then you can have a skincare expert answer the questions, thus disseminating insights to your audience. It’s an easy way to get people to the top of your sales funnel.

– Answer a poll: You can decide to take over the reins and structure the question. E.g., you can ask your audience to choose between two options like beach vacations vs. safaris. That allows you to understand what your audience likes, and you can thus create content in line with their wants and needs.

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Questions allow you to interact more with your audience and show that you care about the other person in this parasocial relationship. So, please find a way to incorporate them into your content at least once a week to keep things fresh.

4. Partner With a Similar Brand

Can you think of a business that complements yours? How great would it be to merge the two in a marketing campaign? Here’s an example. Suppose you sell workout gear and know an interesting brand that runs a gym. You can come up with an ad where the model wears your workout gear and works out in the gym. The campaign would run on your account and that of the gym. And that would increase your exposure to the gym’s clients, and you would also direct traffic to the gym.

Another way of going about this is hosting a takeover where you allow someone else to run your social media for a day. How would this work? Assuming you sell workout gear, you can allow a fitness influencer to post from your account. They can share snippets of what they are up to when wearing your gear.

It gives your content a bit of a twist and allows your audience to enjoy a fresh perspective. You can do this with different fitness influencers and enable your audience to enjoy a bit of a shakeup occasionally.

While on this note, how about teaming up with an influencer? They can direct traffic your way and convince more people to engage with your content and buy your products.

5. Educate Your Audience

Have you thought of passing on information? Many people are eager to learn and will follow brands that offer tutorials. So, figure out what you can pass down and create short videos that detail the same.

Don’t forget to engage with your audience and be consistent with your efforts. Have fun!