Most Helpful Apps for Students

Most Helpful Apps for Students

How often have your parents, grandparents, and teachers mentioned how time-consuming smartphones can be? If we’re being completely honest with ourselves, there is some truth to what they’re saying. Since (almost) anything can now be found as an app, life for students is easier, more inexpensive, and more enjoyable than ever before.

From locating the best note-taking apps for students to finding deals to help you remain under your monthly budget, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of applications for your smartphones, tablets, and desktops to help you get through your college years. Check out our list of the greatest student apps for 2022 to turn your phone into an all-in-one study partner.

1. RefME (Reference Management Engine):

Do you detest the requirement to cite your work in school papers and other assignments? Join the group. Citing sources could become time-consuming if you don’t keep track of the books and other resources you use. It has never been easier or more convincing to locate and cite materials, thanks to RefME’s innovative technology (and endless headaches).

The app has many free and open educational resources that new students can utilize to jumpstart their studies and inspire additional research. It is worth how much time can be saved by not having to search through thousands of papers on Google.

2. Evernote:

Are you looking for a note-taking device that also aids in keeping track of all your other obligations? Due to its versatility, Evernote will rank among the best applications for students in 2022. It is one of the most useful note-taking tools for students since it allows them to write notes from text, drawings, photographs, website information, and even audio recordings.

woman taking notes on a notepad

Your notes will then be kept in electronic notebooks that can be searched, edited, and exported to other devices. They may also be annotated, labeled, changed, and exported.

You may assign tasks within your notes using an intuitive task management system, ensuring that you don’t overlook them and that they don’t get lost in the shuffle. The software allows you to connect your Google Calendar for increased convenience.

3. Office Lens:

Have you ever had so bad handwriting that it was difficult to read in old school or college notebooks? Office Lens, a feature of Microsoft Windows, has made it unnecessary to take poor notes in class.

Office Lens was created to make taking notes for students a little easier. For instance, it can take a picture of printed paper and convert it into editable text that can be shared with others and is suitable for doodling.

Why is the illumination problematic? An automatic feature in the program allows you to read images shot from poor perspectives while reducing glare and shadows in your photographs. Open Lens is very practical and time-saving in addition to being accessible for iOS, Android, and other popular operating systems.

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4. Motion:

You’ll use your computer frequently while attending college. Most of this time is spent online, looking around scholarly websites, and making notes. Another choice is the unintended time that many children spend on our different social media sites.

Notifications were initially created because dopamine, a neurotransmitter, is released in reaction to them. It follows that many of us find it challenging to finish a study session without at least once checking our alerts.

Free web browser add-on Motion prevents you from visiting time-wasting websites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube when you could be doing anything else. For instance, you might impose restrictions on particular websites, like social media platforms or online shops, at particular hours of the day or even every day.

To keep you motivated, you’ll also receive regular reports on how much time you’ve spent online engaging in productive or distracting activities. As a study partner, it is unbeatable.

5. Oxford Dictionary:

Have trouble carrying those heavy books around all the time? Mobile devices can get the Oxford English Dictionary from Oxford University Press. It is commonly acknowledged that the Oxford Dictionary of English, published for more than 150 years, is the ultimate resource on the English language.

Word Search Look up Random Tags

For some of the more challenging to pronounce terms, the smartphone app offers over 75,000 audio pronunciations. Thanks to the daily notifications from the applications, you can even pick up a new word every day.

Did the word spell incorrectly? The app’s straightforward “voice” and “fuzzy” search functions let you find words even if you have no idea how to spell them.


Unquestionably, one benefit of being a student in the twenty-first century is having access to cutting-edge apps and technologies to assist with note-taking, assignment management, and other aspects of student life.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best apps for students in 2022, including note-taking tools, focus aids, and even money-saving ones. Search, download, and get ready to unlock the full power of your smartphone.

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