How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Secretly (100% Works)

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    Applications like WhatsApp have incorporated themselves into our lives quite well. Not only do they make linking up with someone very easy, but the features that they offer, like making video calls or sharing voice messages, also come in handy. 

    However, everything can’t be smooth sailing, and this coin too comes with a dark side.

    On one hand where WhatsApp proves to be quite useful, it’s dangerous side presents itself where naïve children end up sharing sensitive information or personal pictures with the wrong people, and this could prove to be quite worrying.

    So what if you were to keep an eye on your children’s WhatsApp usage without them knowing?

    Part 1: What Can be Used to Secretly View Someone’s WhatsApp?

    In a case like the one discussed above, a phone spyware can prove to be a useful option. A spyware is a phone monitoring solution that helps you not only infiltrate a target device very easily, but also present a view of all that happens on it without alerting the device’s user. 

    Phone monitoring solutions are the best way to keep a check on your loved ones, for their own safety, without having to impose yourself on them. These tools are very effective in giving results without compromising your identity. 

    But are all the phone spy solutions out there safe and reliable? Can you randomly pick the first one that you come across? The answer is a big NO.

    Most of the phone spy solutions in the market are just disguised viruses, which after installation target your crucial data and attempt to steal it. So, the problem that you initially began with ends up happening anyhow.

    Spyier rises above all this mayhem. This efficient and able spyware is full-proof and we can safely say that it is the best spyware that we’ve ever tested! Let us now learn more information on reading WhatsApp messages with Spyier.

    Part 2: Spyier – You Won’t Find a Better Way to Keep a Check on Your Children’s WhatsApp

    Spyier has been around for more than a decade in the phone spy industry. In this time, the tool has been successfully able to make a place for itself at the top. It has acquired a dedicated user base in more than 190 countries, spanning all across the globe. 

    The solution has proved to be very useful for both personal and professional uses. And due to its state-of-the-art technology, Spyier easily outplays all its fellow competitors when talking about the performance. 

    Its high-performance figures were in fact what appealed to numerous tech-giants like MacWorld, PC World, and TechAdvisor. Not only did these giants feature the tool on their respective channels, but after using Spyier themselves, they made it clear that it was the best phone spy solution for the year 2020.

    2.1: Spyier comes with some awesome benefits

    Spyier has been developed by a team of brilliant designers who’ve made the application so user-friendly and easy to use, that it can easily be picked up by anyone. It’s neat layout and dedicated spying panels make hacking into a device very easy. There’s literally no learning curve here.

    Now, obviously one would have certain concerns when talking about user data. You would want to know if the data is secure, or if there are any chances of data theft. 

    So, friends, this gives us the opportunity to highlight the two best features of Spyier:

    1. The tool has been designed in a very smart way. It doesn’t require storing any of the user’s data on its servers, and thus, there’s no chance of an accidental data leak.
    2. It has been ensured that you interact very less with the target device. This means that not only do you get complete access to all the target data remotely, but you can have Spyier up and running on the target device without having to jailbreak or root it
    spyier dashboard

    2.2: And now let’s quickly skim through the best features of Spyier

    At this point, are you wondering what the hype is all about? Well, let us clear the air for you. Here’s a look at some of the best features of Spyier that have attracted millions of delighted consumers:

    • Spyier lets you get your hands on all the call logs and texts along with the duration for which calls were made and the timestamps for texts. You can also have it retrieve the previously deleted texts.
    • Spyier fetches you complete access to all the multimedia files. You get not only those files which had been exchanged on any social media platform, but also those which had been deleted. 
    demo spyier
    • You get your hands on the target’s website browsing history. 
    • The tool enables you to track the target device at all times. For better understanding, it also provides you with a 3D street view. 
    • The Android version of the application comes equipped with an Android key-logger which can prove to be very useful if you’re looking to hack into the target’s social media accounts (it works by recording the keystrokes used on the target device and helps you rearrange them to construct possible passwords).
    spyier keylogger

    And surely that’s not all that the tool has to offer. If you want to look at how it works and what all it packs, be sure to check its free online demo. 

    Part 3: How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Secretly? 

    Spyier works like a charm on both Android and iOS platforms. Though the best performance comes out when it is equipped with the latest version of both platforms, it works fairly well with the older versions as well.

    For Spyier’s iOS version, you will have to have access to the target’s iCloud credentials. The application is completely cloud-based. So after you’ve entered the iCloud login details and Spyier is done verifying them, it will start syncing with the backed-up cloud data and you will have an exact replica of the target device within minutes.  

    For Spyier’s Android version, you will have to install the application on the target device. You’ll receive the link to download the application (along with the installation instructions) on the email ID you use for registration. Using them you’ll need to set up Spyier on the target device.

    Once installed on Android, Spyier can be easily hidden by removing the icon from the application drawer. The application is of merely 2MB and it doesn’t push any notification or permission pop-up to alert the user, so they don’t find out that you’re monitoring them.

    Once it has been configured, real-time data from the target device starts getting populated in an online dashboard. You don’t need to install anything on your device to access the dashboard; simply log in using any web-browser. Then from the left-hand sidebar, click on the “WhatsApp Spy” feature to access WhatsApp details.

    whatsapp spyier


    In our opinion, if you’re looking to monitor a device in a hassle-free way. Spyier is your pick. The solution is packed with 35+ cool features at a very affordable price. You can easily set it up and keep a tab on anyone without them knowing.