How to Enable Discord Push to Talk – Step-by-Step Guide 2023

How to Enable Discord Push to Talk – Step-by-Step Guide 2023

Discord, a widely popular communication platform for gamers, offers a range of features to enhance the user experience. One of these features, “Push to Talk,” allows users to control when their microphone is active, reducing background noise and providing clearer communication. If you’re new to Discord or simply want to enable this useful function, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process in 2023.

Understanding Discord Push to Talk

Understanding Discord Push to Talk

“Push to Talk” (often abbreviated as PTT) is a communication method that requires users to press and hold a specific key on their keyboard to activate their microphone. This prevents the microphone from constantly picking up ambient sounds, providing a clearer and more focused communication experience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Enable Discord Push to Talk:

Follow these steps to enable Push to Talk on Discord:

Step 1: Open Discord and Access User Settings

1. Launch the Discord application on your computer.

2. At the bottom left corner, you’ll find your user icon. Click on it to access user settings.

Step 2: Navigate to Voice & Video Settings

1. In the user settings menu, you’ll find a range of options on the left sidebar. Click on “Voice & Video” under the “App Settings” section.

Step 3: Enable Push to Talk

1. Scroll down to the “Input Mode” section.

2. Here, you’ll see two options: “Voice Activity” and “Push to Talk.” Select the “Push to Talk” option.

Step 4: Set Your Push to Talk Keybind

1. Below the input mode options, you’ll find a section labeled “Keybinds.” Click on “Edit Keybinds.”

2. In the keybind settings, locate the “Add a Keybind” button. Click on it to set a new keybind for Push to Talk.

3. Press the desired key on your keyboard that you want to use for Push to Talk. This will be the key you hold down when you want to activate your microphone.

4. Once you’ve selected your key, click “Stop Recording” to save the keybind.

Step 5: Adjust Sensitivity (Optional)

1. Back in the “Voice & Video” settings, you’ll find the “Input Sensitivity” slider. This determines the level of sensitivity for voice activation. If you’re using Voice Activity alongside Push to Talk, adjust this slider to your preference.

Step 6: Test Your Push to Talk

1. To ensure that Push to Talk is working as expected, return to your Discord server or direct message conversation.

2. Hold down the key you assigned for Push to Talk and speak into your microphone. You should see your avatar light up, indicating that your microphone is active.

3. Release the key to stop transmitting.

Additional Tips for Using Push to Talk:

1. Choose a Convenient Key: Select a key that is easy to reach and won’t interfere with your gameplay or other activities.

2. Practice Timing: Get comfortable with the timing of pressing and releasing the key for smooth communication.

3. Consider Background Noise: Push to Talk helps reduce background noise, but be mindful of the environment you’re in.

4. Set Up a Toggle Key (Optional): Some users prefer to set up a toggle key that switches Push to Talk on and off without the need to hold it down constantly. You can do this in the keybind settings.

5. Regularly Check Settings: Periodically review your settings to ensure they’re optimized for your setup and preferences.


Enabling Push to Talk on Discord is a simple yet effective way to enhance your communication experience, particularly in busy or noisy environments. By following this step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to set up and customize Push to Talk to suit your needs in 2023. Remember to choose a comfortable keybind, adjust sensitivity as needed, and practice using Push to Talk to become proficient in its application during your Discord interactions. Happy chatting!