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How Much Solar Energy Hits the Earth?

How Much Solar Energy Hits the Earth?

Our greatest source of energy is also our oldest. The sun is between four and five billion years old and still has five billion years to go before it enters its next stage of life.

The greatest source of energy is a lofty claim to make, though, especially if you don’t include the numbers to back it up. How much solar energy hits the Earth in a given period of time? How much of that do we use?

The answers to those questions are about as complicated as they are fascinating, and we’ll discuss them in more detail in this article.

Energy Production And the Atmosphere

The sun throws more energy at the Earth in a single hour than humanity uses in a year, but it’s a little more complicated than that. Solar is the best energy option, but we can’t synthesize a year’s worth of energy in an hour.

The amount of energy the sun gives off isn’t a great standard to measure, either. The sun only sends a fraction of its energy to the Earth. The atmosphere further complicates things by functioning as a cushion against heat, which keeps us from being incinerated by the sun.

Solar Energy And the Earth

Hand Holding Light Bulb Against Nature on Green Leaf With Icons Energy Sources

Once the sun’s energy has gotten past our atmosphere, much of it is absorbed by the surface itself. All but a little is reflected. The actual energy we can use is about a billionth-of-a-billionth of what the sun produces.

This is still enough to meet most of our energy needs, if not all of them. People are catching on to solar energy’s benefits as well. Many even make it their career.

Those looking for a meaningful and promising career might want to look into the solar energy field. There are several different sub-fields within the solar industry, from physical jobs like the installation to more technical jobs, like designing solar panels or studying the laws around them.

What This Means for You

There’s a lot to be gained from installing solar panels on your home, especially if you work from there. Since you’re generating your own power, you won’t have to pay as much for city power if you have to pay at all.

This will add value to your home because the savings on power will increase over time. This makes solar power a safe investment.

It also helps the economy. According to blueravensolar.com/kansas/, the popularity of solar energy is skyrocketing, at least in Kansas, and prices are dropping as more and more people turn to solar energy to power their homes.

How Much Solar Energy Hits the Earth?

Light Bulb on Green Grass and Sunlight in Nature Concept of Energy Saving

How much solar energy hits the Earth? The simplest answer is a surprisingly small fraction of the total amount directed at us. Somehow, though, it’s still more than enough to provide human beings with all the power we need.

We’ve discussed solar energy and why there’s so much of it in this article, but there’s a lot more to learn. Even the scientific community still doesn’t understand everything about our solar system.

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