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window function

Posted in utilities & musings | Category: General

window function [code python] def window(seq, wsize, inc=1):   for x in xrange(0, len(seq)-wsize+1, inc):     yield...


Getting Started

Posted in Ministry of Silly Walks | Category: General

Hey, Look! There's a place to find people talking about Python! At least that's what I thought when I saw PythonBlogs.Com  It...


Python file handling

Posted in Python help | Category: General

How can I read a text file from a normal text editor like Ms word or Word pad?


Hello Python Blogs

Posted in Thiago Avelino Python | Category: General

Hello WORD Python...



i need some sone student project using python..if u have pllz  send me some project   mail me


Hello World!

Posted in Prog-Amator | Category: General

    if __name__ == "__main__":      print "Hello World"...


GSoC 2009: Python support for Anjuta

Posted in Python Charming | Category: General

My task this summer for my Google Summer of Code (2009) project for the GNOME organisation would be to work on adding Python support to...


Instalación de Django

Posted in Python y otras cosas | Category: General

asfa fasdf a f a fa f  


Need script to download file from a server using python...

Posted in Python scripts for testing | Category: General

Hi, I am fairly new to python and i am looking for a python script to download latest build from the server. But, the build...


Check out those Python scritpts (new!)

Posted in AI | Category: General

Hi everybody, I have uploade some of my early python scripts. Go to the album called 'Python scripts'...


Hello, check out a few AI and Robotics photos I have...

Posted in AI | Category: General

Hi, I have uploaded some images related to AI and Robotics. I may sometimes later on upload some of the images I used durin my...


Welcome to one and all

Posted in AI | Category: General

Hello everybody, Welcome to all : This is a community to discuss all you need to discuss on Science, Artificial Intelligence,...


Python 3000

Posted in mypy | Category: General

Python 3000 is coming.  Guido van Rossum explains what Python developer should expect from Python 3000 in his blog...


Review of

Posted in import zeth | Category: General

Someone has started a bloghost called "PythonBlogs", despite the fact that the front page had at least 16 grammatical...


Test Blog

Posted in import zeth | Category: General

Warning, I am just testing this blog at the moment. So don't take it too seriously at this point.


Hello PythonBlogs!

Posted in Pythonesco | Category: General

I guess, I've found a space for my Python stuff


A Python Program for image model

Posted in Thinking in Python | Category: General

class pixel:     width = 2     height = 2     pixel = [[0,0],[0,0]]...


Python Language Popularity

Posted in Py Geek Blog | Category: General

In according to TIOBE Programming Community Index Python language* popularity has reached 4.613% in May 2008, that is  +0.83%...


Python Blogging

Posted in XBOX | Category: General

My first post at Grand Opening!

Posted in PythonBlogs | Category: General is open for free registration! Get your space at today! Register    

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