7 Tips for Hair Care

7 Tips for Hair Care

Being beautiful and well-groomed is very important for both a girl and a man. If you have noticed recently that the quality of your hair has deteriorated. Now is the time for classes. In this article, you will learn the most useful tips for hair and scalp care.

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Wash Your Hair as It Gets Dirty

Some people believe that if the head is not washed for a long time, the hair will eventually get used to it and become more polluted more slowly. This idea is fundamentally wrong. After all, we don’t wash the skin of the face every three days so that it changes type from oily to normal.

The scalp is fundamentally no different from the skin of the face, so the hair needs to be washed immediately as soon as it becomes dirty. If, after shampooing your hair, you feel that your hair is not clean enough, you can use special scrubs, salts, dirt, and clay.

Do Not Wash Your Hair With Hot Water

Hot water damages the hair and unnecessarily steams the scalp, which causes hair loss. Wash your head with lukewarm water, and rinse with cold water after washing.

It would be ideal to add a little vinegar (table, wine, or apple) when rinsing, which will smooth the surface and make the hair shiny.

Lather Your Hair Only in the Root Zone

Applying shampoo to the length of the hair, only dry them out. The foam flowing down the hair when washing off the shampoo will be enough to wash the length.

Blot Your Hair With a Towel Before Applying the Balm

Excess moisture on the hair does not allow the balm to be absorbed. It can just drain. Therefore, it is advisable to wet your hair with a towel and only then apply the balm. The same should be done when using masks.

Do Not Apply the Balm on the Scalp

Balms and conditioners should not be applied to the scalp, even if the label says the opposite. If you use inorganic products, then they include silicones and other ingredients that create a film on the hair. Such a film prevents the scalp from breathing and creates a greenhouse effect, which can cause hair loss and dandruff.

The balm should be applied, retreating from the roots 15-20 centimeters (from the ears and below).

Tip: Leaving a wet towel on your hair for a long time, you also create a greenhouse for the scalp. The towel should be left on the hair for a maximum of 5-10 minutes. You can not tighten it tightly – you can pinch and damage the hair.

It Is Necessary to Comb Your Hair Before Washing

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Before washing your head, it is advisable to comb your hair to untangle them. If this is not done, when washing the hair will get tangled even more, which is why some of them will be torn out during further combing.

Wet hair, on the contrary, is undesirable to comb. They need to be allowed to dry, and only then combed. It is much easier to pull hair out of wet, steamed skin by accident.

Do Not Rub Wet Hair With a Towel and Do Not Rub the Means When Washing Into the Length of the Hair

Wet hair is very brittle and brittle, they can not be rubbed much. Apply the products along the length, do not rub, and do not twist the hair. Do not rub your hair with a towel, but gently blot it.