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First post on Python Scouts

Posted in Python Scouts | Category: General

Hello every body out there. This is the initial post of this Python related blog project. I hope to be publishing some Python...


Python For Machine Learning

Posted in pythonforDS | Category: General

Hello Guys i will give more example about python for machine learning


Flask – Extensions

Posted in ghost | Category: General

Flask core functionality includes WSGI(Suggest to use bjoern) Routing(URL rules) based on Werkzeug Template engine based on...


steps for patching to

  shutdown database   Download opatch utility p6880880_121010_Linux-x86-64 unzip it ->...


WSGI: The Server-Application Interface for Python

Posted in Python Resources | Category: General

In 1993, the web was still in its infancy, with about  14 million users and a hundred websites . Pages were static but there was...


Lambdify - new way of doing AWS Lambda in python

Posted in MorePython | Category: Python

λambdify - feel yourserlf like an AWS Lambda God lambdify  allows you to create AWS Lambda function directly from...


Python WebDev Challenge: The Three Hour App

Posted in python-for-analysts | Category: General

As my life picks up and I find myself spending more time working on management and PowerPoint rather than code, I occasionally need a...


How I become a python enthusiastic

Posted in Python Diaries

My programming story began when I was a junior in high school at 1992. At that time a general computer science course were designed...


Why I Write Python

Posted in pythonabuse | Category: General

One of the easiest languages to learn out there is Python thanks to its ultra simple syntax, huge standard library, and helpful...


How I built an Enhanced Single-File Python Interpreter in...

Posted in iLoveTux | Category: General

Introduction Well, I'll start off by saying that the title of this blog post is a bit misleading, I will not actually be...


Simple kivy code

Posted in sarkis | Category: General

from kivy.app import App from kivy.uix.label import Label   class SimlpeApp(App):...


test for operate on redis: set, mset, get, mget, hset,...

Posted in _Myth | Category: Python

[code python] #!/usr/bin/env python # -*- coding:utf-8 -*- ''' Author : myth Date   : 15-7-28...


Started Python

Posted in Python | Category: General

Hey Everyone!!   I have just started Python and I am quite excited to work on it. I am using UBUNTU 15.04. I...


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