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Reviving Microsoft Agent using PyWin32

Posted in Pythonthusiast | Category: Python

  I just found an MS Agent characters I haven't seen before, and though to share how to control them from within...


Python searching BBC iPlayer

      I have a lovely little Raspberry PI running a CRON job that sends me a list of favorite...


Whoosh:Pure Python search engine library Part-1

Posted in waytopython | Category: Python

P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }A:link { } Whoosh is a library of classes and functions for indexing text and then searching the...


Standard Library Alternatives To A Database Package for...

Posted in python-for-analysts | Category: General

I've put over a dozen small Python web applications into service over the past year, either personally handling the development or...


Debugging Python code using pdb: a crash course.

Posted in mypy | Category: Python

pdb (Python Debugger) is a standard debugging utility for Python. If you have been using print statements to debug your Python...


Python Blogging Ideas

Posted in PythonBlogs | Category: General

What do I write about in my Python blog? is the question you probably asked yourself. While there are almost infinite possibilities,...


Using Python's pyodbc With Microsoft SQL Server and SQL...

This article basically demonstrates how one may use Python's pyodbc module with MS SQL Server. Yet, as this task becomes much easier...


Reportlab and Pisa

Posted in PyMantra | Category: General

Reportlab and Pisa PDF display or download through a web page is always an excellent idea to impress other if it's done on the...


SimpleAI, Artificial Intelligence with python

Posted in Machinalis | Category: Python

SimpleAI is an easy to use lib implementing in python many of the artificial intelligence algorithms described on the book...


Algoritmo en python 3 para realizar la búsqueda A* (A...

Posted in bytesofcode | Category: General

[code python] #!/usr/bin/python -w   # Inicializamos las listas de abiertos y cerradas en vacio #...


A Heroku Python Flask website application

Posted in Python Projects | Category: General

We have been talking about Heroku applications using Python, where we can set up Python based web hosting without the need to work...


"Hello World!" - the pyton version

Posted in See one - Do one - Teach one! | Category: Python

The python way is to do more, by doing less. So the very first python program of every chap should be: #!/usr/bin/env python...


Python Coding Standards

Posted in My Blog | Category: Python

  Coding standards is not only to avoid ugly code. It is very useful to get responses quickly. You can see the...



Posted in muthuvel-PythonBlog | Category: General

List of Python Software : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Python_software  ...



Posted in Skink Py | Category: General

For the application I will be using Aptana 3 as my IDE. I have used gedit but I want to wallow around in something that makes me feel...


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