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Why I Write Python

Posted in pythonabuse | Category: General

One of the easiest languages to learn out there is Python thanks to its ultra simple syntax, huge standard library, and helpful...


How I built an Enhanced Single-File Python Interpreter in...

Posted in iLoveTux | Category: General

Introduction Well, I'll start off by saying that the title of this blog post is a bit misleading, I will not actually be...


Simple kivy code

Posted in sarkis | Category: General

from kivy.app import App from kivy.uix.label import Label   class SimlpeApp(App):...


test for operate on redis: set, mset, get, mget, hset,...

Posted in _Myth | Category: Python

[code python] #!/usr/bin/env python # -*- coding:utf-8 -*- ''' Author : myth Date   : 15-7-28...


Started Python

Posted in Python | Category: General

Hey Everyone!!   I have just started Python and I am quite excited to work on it. I am using UBUNTU 15.04. I...



Posted in PMARINA's Python | Category: General

Alright - Welcome to PMARINA's Python Blog. I will be exploring python uses in our daily lives in this blog. So let's begin. If you...


Atari ST Charset

Posted in jchrbe | Category: General

Nostalgique de la fonte système de l'ATARI-ST? ATARI-ST font nostalgia?   Voici une petite...


Python Getting Started : #2 Functions

Posted in Python Basics | Category: Python

div { background-color: #EEEEFF } #content{ width: 1250px; } This is the second in the queue which will be covering python...


Django Tutorial - Create a Blog - Part 7 : MVT (Model,...

Posted in AiJogja | Category: Python

On the last part, we have tried display article post in homepage. And now, we will try implement into detail page. The source code...


Qt Designer

Posted in The Occasional Coder | Category: Python

 Qt Designer is the drag'n'drop GUI builder for the Qt family, it works with both Qt4 & 5, you pretty much get what it says...


Part 4: Installing Prerequisites - Python, PyQt and PyCharm

Posted in Pythonthusiast | Category: Python

Your first Python application for this series... Although in Part 5 of Developing Cross Platform Application using...


Python searching BBC iPlayer

      I have a lovely little Raspberry PI running a CRON job that sends me a list of favorite...


Whoosh:Pure Python search engine library Part-1

Posted in waytopython | Category: Python

P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }A:link { } Whoosh is a library of classes and functions for indexing text and then searching the...


Standard Library Alternatives To A Database Package for...

Posted in python-for-analysts | Category: General

I've put over a dozen small Python web applications into service over the past year, either personally handling the development or...


Debugging Python code using pdb: a crash course.

Posted in mypy | Category: Python

pdb (Python Debugger) is a standard debugging utility for Python. If you have been using print statements to debug your Python...


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