Top 6 Free Survey Maker Tools for Marketers

Top 6 Free Survey Maker Tools for Marketers

The Pew Research Center has found that internet surveys have expanded dramatically in the past decade. In today’s world, collecting feedback from your target audience and finding out precisely what they think is never simpler.

Choosing the finest survey instrument will need a lot of research. Here is a short comparison of the benefits and drawbacks of the most popular free survey tools, so you can decide on which one to use. Because of this, certain tasks still can’t be accomplished.

Free Survey Makers Don’t Tell You What You’re Missing

There’s always a catch when anything is offered for free. The same is true of free survey generators. If you use a paid survey tool, you might find that the free version is limited in the following ways:

  • There aren’t many options for export. Importing your survey results into Excel or Google Sheets may not be possible. It may be the only option to export to PDF, or it may not be possible.
  • There aren’t many tools for analysis. Most of the time, free survey programs don’t give you good metrics. If you want to do something fancy with your survey data, you may have to use your pivot tables and Excel skills.
  • The survey was not very useful. It includes limiting the number of people who can take the survey, the number of questions that can be asked, and the types of questions that can be asked (e.g., multiple-choice, long-form, etc.).
  • There aren’t many extra bonuses. I’m talking about the extra parts of software that make it stand out. Survey makers may offer simple support, the ability to add surveys to emails or websites, many user accounts, or work with other email marketing or CRM software.
  • There will not be any ads. You can use the tools of free survey creators for free. In exchange, the name of your company will get free publicity. You won’t be able to replace their logo with your own. Get used to seeing their logo and a link to their website on most surveys and thank-you pages (or both).

You might want to use a premium survey instrument to avoid any of the following. Each of the six tools listed below has its starting price. If you ever need to update your software, it will be easy if you use a program you already know how to use.

The Best 6 Survey Tools That Are Free

Please understand that I’m sorry for any trouble this may cause.

1. Google Forms

Google Forms

How important is your Google Drive? There is also Google Forms, which is free survey software from Google.

Google Forms is my favorite, even though I said before that they were not listed in any particular order. It’s crazy how many features are included in the free plan.

2. SurveyMonkey


SurveyMonkey is the go-to platform for online surveys. It was started in 1999 and is now the most popular program for online surveys.

Even though its free plans are limited, SurveyMonkey has been successful because it has a simple design and is a well-known brand. Some of our well-known clients are Allbirds, Tweezerman, and Adobe.

3. Typeform


The general public can use a large number of Internet survey tools. There’s a survey option just for readers of Search Engine Journal, which we’re sure will make them happy.

People like us who study marketing and user experience (UX) are who Typeform is made for.

4. Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey

It’s part of the Zoho family of applications, including tools for sales, human resources, information technology (IT), financial management, and just about every type of company user. Their survey tool has all the power you’d expect from a company that has been making corporate SaaS products for a long time.

Customers include Netflix, Amazon, Facebook,, and other well-known brands.

5. Alchemy

Alchemy was made to meet the needs of the business customer. With paid features, you can change everything about your survey, including the URL and the way the form works.

As one of the few (along with Google Forms) free survey platforms that let you ask as many questions as you want and get the results in Excel, they stand out. Disney, Salesforce, Verizon, and The Home Depot are just some companies that have been happy with our work.

6. Jotform


Jotform is the survey maker on our list, with more than 10,000 form templates. You can accept payments with Jotform’s free plan, but you can only accept up to ten.

This well-known survey company has many clients, such as AMC, Nickelodeon, Redfin, and the American Medical Association.


There’s a survey maker for almost everyone out there. There might be confidence in the Top 6 Free Survey Maker Tools For Marketers. Depending on your organization’s requirements and your tastes, you may be able to choose between the two.