How To Add Volunteer Experience To LinkedIn

How To Add Volunteer Experience To LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform to connect recruiters and job seekers and help them interact among themselves. Be professional and focus on your skill sets, work experience, passions, personality, etc., while setting up your LinkedIn profile. You should not share political or religious opinions, personal pictures, videos, etc.

Recently, LinkedIn introduced Volunteer Experience, and knowing how to add volunteer experience to LinkedIn is a must. Showcasing your community and volunteer work will maximize your outreach and help spread awareness about the causes, positions, and organizations you support.

If you are confused about this new feature, we will see how to add volunteer experience on LinkedIn and everything related to it. Check out how to rearrange or delete your previous experience and how volunteer experience can help you.

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Why Add Volunteer Experience to Your LinkedIn Profile

Volunteering and community work will help put forth your brand in front of potential leads and local clients. You can volunteer for NGOs, adoption centers, nursing homes, hospitals, etc., and raise awareness about the causes you support.

Volunteers at Work Preparing Donations

When you share this volunteer experience on your LinkedIn profile, those who visit your profile will know about your humanitarian work and support. Recruiters will have an idea about what you support and the things that matter to you personally. It is even better if your work is related to your professional industry.

If your profile is new and empty, adding volunteer experience to LinkedIn will help make it engaging and exciting. If you’re changing jobs, potential recruiters will know about your skills, strengths, and personality through this.

S.No. Soft Skill
1 Leadership
2 Kindness
3 Interpersonal Skills
4 Selflessness
5 Self-Motivation
6 High Confidence
7 Co-Operation
8 Versatility

If you are wondering if it is worth it to upload volunteer experience on your profile, the answer is yes and as soon as possible.

Add Volunteer Experience to LinkedIn

Volunteer experience is optional, but it will help you stand out among thousands of other job candidates. It showcases your leadership skills and tells about your good, kind, and caring personality.

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Along with internships, volunteer experience is a great thing to add to your LinkedIn profile other than your work history and experience. Follow these steps to add volunteer experience to LinkedIn:

Steps to Add volunteer experience to LinkedIn

  • Enter your Username and Password to log in and open your LinkedIn account.
  • Open your Profile page on the top near your profile bio, click on Add Profile Section.
  • A menu will appear, and you need to choose Volunteer Experience & Causes from the available options. As time passes or you switch professions, you may want to add, reorder or delete something from the volunteer experience section.
  • Next, you need to choose the Add to Profile option. A drop-down list will appear when you select Add to Profile. Navigate the list and click on + next to the Volunteer Experience button.
  • There will be certain form fields for you to fill. Fill in each one properly with information and details of the past community and volunteer work done by you.
  • Check everything is correct and click on Save after this, and your volunteer experience will be published to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Try to keep your volunteer experience related to your profession. If you are in the IT industry, you can add that you worked as a voluntary software engineer at a WHO organization.
  • Add proper details about the responsibilities and duties you performed, including statistics and data about it. Add information about empathy, interpersonal skills, leadership, and other soft skills you gained through your voluntary work.

How to Rearrange Volunteer Experience on LinkedIn

Single entries like education, skill endorsements, current job profile, volunteer experience, etc., can be edited and rearranged as you want. Changing the order of volunteer experience on your LinkedIn profile is a simple task.

Steps to Rearrange Volunteer Experience on LinkedIn

  • Open the LinkedIn application and log in to your account using your credentials.
  • On the top area of the Homepage, you will see a Me button. Click on this to open your Profile settings.
  • Take a look at the arrangement of data in the volunteer experience section. Drag your mouse cursor over any entry you want to reorder or rearrange.
  • You will see a Reorder button on the right side. Click and drag this button to any desired position where you want to place the chosen volunteer experience entry.
  • You can rearrange just the entries inside the volunteer experience section and not the entire section to wherever you want.

How to Remove Volunteer Experience on Linkedin

If the existing data in your profile’s volunteer experience section is not relevant anymore or you do not want to show it, it is possible to delete it.

We learned how to rearrange volunteer experience on LinkedIn, and now it’s time to learn how to delete it in case of need. In some cases, your volunteer experience may not suit your job requirements, so you will need to remove it.

Steps to Remove Volunteer Experience on Linkedin

  • Open LinkedIn and log in to your profile.
  • Scroll to the volunteer experience section on your profile and click on the Edit icon.
  • Once you are in editing mode, you can delete any entry in the experience section.
  • All causes, dates, times, and other entries can be deleted.
  • Make sure you click Save after editing and deleting the required entries; otherwise, the changes will not take place.


It is really helpful to add volunteer experience to your LinkedIn account to showcase your skills in a better way and make your profile stand out. Recruiters will be excited to see what you believe in and support.

If you are new to this feature, we read how to add volunteer experience to LinkedIn in the above blog. It is easy to delete or reorder the entries in this section based on your goals and needs. You can even use the reliable Dripify LinkedIn profile writing service and make your LinkedIn game strong.