What is a Content Calendar and Why Should You Use One [Tips and Advantigies]

What is a Content Calendar and Why Should You Use One [Tips and Advantigies]

One of the most important things about building (and maintaining) a brand, business, site, and so on is marketing. Content marketing, to be precise.

An astonishingly low percentage of companies incorporate content marketing into their overall strategy. So, what is it exactly? It is the business world’s worst kept secret, and not because it wants to be one.

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach. It focuses on making and spreading relevant and consistent content to attract a specific audience and, finally, to encourage profitable action. Companies that use this strategy have seen an increase in traffic. But even when you introduce content marketing, how do you make sure you stay on track with posting? The answer is – by using a content calendar.

What Is a Content Calendar?

Once you upgrade your content marketing strategy, you might find yourself to be a bit overwhelmed. Posting applicable content is superb for a business.

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Hubspot’s research shows that posting sixteen or more times per month can increase your traffic up to 3.5 percent. The numbers sound good, but producing sixteen or more carefully researched and relevant pieces of content per month is close to impossible without some pre-planning. You need to develop a strategy.

Many people rely on the impromptu technique, more commonly known as winging it. And it works, for some. However, the risk is higher than the reward, especially when there is a simple solution. And that is where a content calendar comes in.

A content calendar is one of the most valuable tools in your marketing kit. It is a written schedule of all your content marketing actions. A content calendar contains many practical things: status updates, upcoming pieces, planned promo activity, what is due, what is finished, etc. It also clearly shows who is responsible for what is a content project. Everything is transparent, which helps your team understand the workflow.

Why Should You Use a Content Calendar?

Using a content calendar has various benefits. Even though the content quality is the main reason for getting one, a content calendar’s function does not end there.

It can completely transform how you plan, promote, and create content. Allow us to list some reasons why you should get a content calendar.

1. Organization

When you think about it, how good exactly is your current way of organizing content topics? Are they scribbled down in various notebooks or even on random pieces of paper? That is an organizational nightmare.

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A content calendar will provide you with a better view of your broad marketing strategy. In addition to that, you will be able to detect content gaps. That means – no more missed deadlines. Teams can also create content approval flowchart to put this content calendar into a structured process using online flowchart tools like Zen Flowchart.

2. Brainstorming Boost

Once you have neatly organized your topics and your team has a clear insight into what is next, you might notice that creative spark appearing. To help out, you can create a brainstorming space in which everyone involved in the content process can contribute – directly within the content calendar.

Team members could feel inspired to come up with new and riveting ideas, which results in even more engaging content.

3. Conserve Consistency

Distance may make the heart grow fond in some relationships, but not in the one between your business and your audience. To preserve the (professional) spark, you need to stay consistent in your posting.

It does not matter how good your writing is – if it is irregular, your audience will move on. A content calendar can help you set up a schedule and publishing rate that need to be respected.

4. Increase Visibility Throughout Teams

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Collaborating content across large teams can be a messy ordeal. Well, with a content calendar, that is a thing of the past. It lets your sales team, marketing department, product managers, and pretty much everyone involved in the project have a clear insight into each others’ plans. That way, everyone stays on the same page, and cross-communication becomes easier.

Final Thoughts

Creating quality content is a must for any business that wants to stay in business. Winging it, however, will not get you very far. That is a huge reason to invest in a content calendar.

The best marketing strategy involves pre-planning, a consistent schedule, neatly organized topics, clear cross-communication between teams, and transparency. All that can be achieved by introducing a content calendar into your strategy.

So do your business, your team (and yourself) a favor, and get one today.