5 Best UML Diagram Tools: Create Personalized Diagrams With Flowcharts

5 Best UML Diagram Tools: Create Personalized Diagrams With Flowcharts

To better understand, update, maintain, or document information about the system, a Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagram is created to visually depict a system along with its primary actors, roles, actions, artifacts, or classes. UML has primarily been utilized in the realm of software engineering as a general-purpose modeling language.

However, it is now included in the documentation of several business workflows. For diverse software structures, multiple forms of UML diagrams are employed.

The diagrams are divided into two groups: structural diagrams and behavioral diagrams, totaling 14 approved varieties.

1. Adobe Express

Adobe Express

The flowchart program Adobe Express enables you to create streamlined and personalized flowcharts. You may also store and distribute your flowchart diagrams using this tool.

It helps you resize your flowcharts quickly, build resizable flowcharts, collaborate with the engineering team, and add animated stickers from Giphy. It runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS. You can also instantly download or print your designs, and it helps system analysts to integrate the creation of data flow.

2. Lucidchart – UML Diagram Tool

Lucidchart - UML Diagram Tool

An HTML-5-based UML application with real-time collaborative features is called Lucidchart. One of the best UML modeling tools, it enables you to build anything from detailed flowcharts to intricate technical diagrams.

It works with your team on any device across various platforms, it allows you to connect live data with diagrams or import data to automatically build charts, it also helps you increase security and manage user accounts easily, and finally, it integrates seamlessly with MS Office, G Suite, Atlassian, and many others.

3. Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio

Popular chart and visualization software is Microsoft Visio. It can be readily connected with other Microsoft office products because it is a member of the office family. Visio helps you create professional diagrams with flowcharts, org charts, engineering designs, etc.

It is a comprehensive software for professional modeling, with useful data, process, and engineering modeling. It also allows you to build professional diagrams, connect flowcharts and diagrams to real-time data, and allows you to work with your team on diagrams from a web browser.

4. Draw.io


Draw.io is One of the greatest UML tools, it makes it simple for users to produce and manage drawings, and it is free. This tool makes it possible to communicate information widely and quickly.

There is no limit to the number of sizes, and you can use templates in the software design, you can save models in preferred locations, etc. The tool is available as a web application or as a desktop app.

Backward compatibility is great, and you can load diagrams even from 2005. You can share your work with anybody anywhere, collaborate with shared cursors in real.-time, and store your data wherever you want to.

5. Modelio Open Source

Modelio Open Source

The first modeling environment is called Modelio. The program combines UML and BPMN support. One of the greatest free UML tools, it supports a variety of models and diagrams.

As an open-source UML diagram tool, it is available to users for creating UML diagrams. It offers an XMI import/export feature, you can export diagrams in SVG, Gif, or JPEG format, you can extend it for any language, methodology, or modeling technique, and you can work with UML 2.5 models. Modelio also offers integrated support of the Jython scripting language.


Most software developers will be able to grasp and use UML because it is a standardized modeling language that can be used with a variety of programming languages and development methodologies.

Diagrams must always evolve because they are useless if they don’t change along with a project. The above-listed tools are a great solution for creating and sharing UML diagrams, so feel free to try them out.