The 5 Best Online Course Creators for 2022: Create, Promote and Sell Your Courses

The 5 Best Online Course Creators for 2022: Create, Promote and Sell Your Courses

The availability of online courses has made sharing knowledge easier than ever. And sure, you can always find a video online to grasp the basics of a certain subject, but that’s not the same as taking a more comprehensive and interactive course.

Everyone can become an online instructor with a bit of help, and thankfully, there are many platforms for creating and promoting online courses. Considering that there is a variety of such platforms, you have to know which is the right one for you.

Take a look at the five we have chosen as most useful.

1. Skillshare


Skillshare is a fairly popular platform specializing in offering and taking courses. It’s popular with students, especially the ones involved in creative works. Because everyone knows that courses with creative work are more interesting for students than boring homework. Also, a good way for such students is to search “do my biology homework“.

Since it has many users, it offers a large market with a variety of different specializations. The process of creating a course is quite intuitive and easy as it gives you step-by-step instructions to set it all up, which means that it’s easier to create a course, but you have less freedom.

You should be aware that the platform places a lot of emphasis on videos, so that might either be very convenient or a liability, depending on your affinities. Best of all, Skillshare is completely free for course creators.

2. Kajabi


Kajabi helps you create, market, and sell your online courses but also assists you in creating your online business, regardless of whether it’s related to your online course or not. It is also one of the more popular platforms, so you can be sure the audience is big enough for your business to thrive.

One of the most engaging aspects of Kajabi is the fact that you can make funnels that add to your courses which eliminates the need for extra tools. It is highly customizable.

Not only can you make the course exactly how you want it to be, but you can also create custom websites, marketing funnels, and so on. However, this entails some experience in design and tech. If you want to make full use of the tools, that is.

3. Udemy


Udemy offers a whole lot of features to make things easier for you when you want to create the perfect online course. You have the option of adding coding exercises, discussion threads, tasks, and quizzes to your regular courses.

However, you do have to fulfill the minimum requirement of half an hour of video material as well as at least five lectures for a single course. All you have to do is get approved as a premium instructor and follow some instructions to create a course.

Udemy provides you with a lot of support when it comes to both creating your course and promoting it. If you need some help, you can also get some tips and tricks on improving your video and audio. Optional features include marketing programs so you can promote your course in the best way possible.

Seeing as this is a Python blog, here are some of theĀ best Python courses on Udemy. We hope these courses can grow your skills if you’re learning, or give you inspiration as a course creator”

4. LearnWorlds


LearnWorlds gives you the option to create an online school website with different courses and teachers. The process of creating courses is fairly intuitive and offers quite a few tools to help you out.

Simply upload the course videos from Vimeo or your PC, and then edit them by adding images, pointers, text, titles, logos, or even interactive buttons. It has discussion threads to ease interaction and communication, which makes things very convenient for students who have some questions or simply want to discuss the material from the course.

The interface is perhaps not as straightforward as one would hope, but it provides you with absolutely every bit you need to create, promote and sell the perfect courses. Not to mention, it has the option of adding automated transcripts and is generally highly customizable.

5. Podia


Podia is meant not only for online courses but for digital products and online membership sites, as well. The platform provides you with a variety of tools to create, publish and market your courses.

The marketing aspect of Podia is better than most platforms, giving you the option of promoting your courses through e-mail or partnerships with other influencers. It also provides you with a forum that allows for interaction between the instructors and students.

Its user interface is intuitive, containing a clean overview of every important aspect, such as content, FAQs, and more. Each course has a separate landing page to avoid any confusion.


If you want to create online courses, all you have to do is check out one of these platforms. They will surely provide you with everything you need to start your own online course business, from setting them up to publishing, promoting, and selling them.