How to Create Images with Duet AI in Google Slides

How to Create Images with Duet AI in Google Slides

In the digital age, visual content plays a crucial role in capturing and retaining audience attention. Whether you’re a student, educator, business professional, or creative enthusiast, incorporating compelling images into your presentations can enhance engagement and convey information more effectively. Google Slides is a popular platform for creating presentations, and with the integration of Duet AI, users now have access to a powerful tool for generating images directly within their slides. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how to harness the creative potential of Duet AI to create stunning images in Google Slides.

Understanding Duet AI

Duet AI is an innovative technology developed by OpenAI that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to generate high-quality images based on textual descriptions. By inputting a written prompt or description, users can prompt Duet AI to create visual representations of their ideas, concepts, or themes. With its advanced image generation capabilities, Duet AI enables users to quickly and effortlessly create custom images for a variety of purposes, from educational presentations to marketing materials and beyond.

Getting Started with Duet AI in Google Slides

1. Accessing Duet AI

   – To access Duet AI in Google Slides, users can navigate to the “Tools” menu and select “Duet AI” from the dropdown list. Alternatively, users can install the Duet AI add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace for seamless integration with their Google Slides account.

2. Generating Images

   – Once Duet AI is enabled, users can begin generating images by inputting textual descriptions or prompts into the designated text box. For example, users can describe a scene, object, or concept in detail, and Duet AI will generate an image based on the provided description.

3. Customizing Image Output

   – Duet AI offers various customization options to tailor the generated images to suit users’ preferences. Users can adjust parameters such as image style, color palette, and image size to achieve the desired visual effect. Additionally, users can specify specific keywords or themes to influence the image generation process further.

4. Inserting Images into Google Slides

   – Once the desired image is generated, users can easily insert it into their Google Slides presentation by clicking the “Insert” button. Duet AI automatically generates a high-resolution image file, which seamlessly integrates into the slide deck.

Tips for Maximizing Duet AI in Google Slides

1. Provide Detailed Descriptions

   – To ensure accurate image generation, provide detailed and specific descriptions when inputting prompts into Duet AI. The more information provided, the better Duet AI can understand and interpret the desired image.

2. Experiment with Different Styles

   – Duet AI offers various image styles and customization options. Experiment with different styles, color schemes, and settings to find the perfect visual representation for your presentation.

3. Combine Text and Images

   – Use Duet AI-generated images to complement textual content in your Google Slides presentation. Combining text and images can enhance comprehension and engagement among your audience.

4. Review and Refine

   – Review the generated images carefully to ensure they align with your presentation objectives and message. If necessary, refine the image or provide additional prompts to achieve the desired result.


Duet AI in Google Slides empowers users to unleash their creativity and enhance the visual impact of their presentations. By leveraging the advanced image generation capabilities of Duet AI, users can quickly and effortlessly create custom images that effectively convey their ideas and concepts. Whether you’re a student, educator, or professional, integrating Duet AI into your Google Slides workflow can elevate your presentations to new heights and captivate your audience with compelling visual content.