7 Ways To Increase Revenue of Your WooCommerce Store [Tips and Plugins]

7 Ways To Increase Revenue of Your WooCommerce Store [Tips and Plugins]

Owning an online store comes with a lot of work, but it also comes with a certain thrill. Every business owner could probably tell you about the day they made their first sale.

Very few things can top the adrenaline rush and serotonin boost that comes with that experience. It only gets better as you watch your sales increase and your clientele expands.

However, there is another experience that all business owners go through – the standstill. At some point, every store hits that dreaded rough patch. The sales stop increasing, and the customers either stay the same (of course, you are thankful to the loyal ones) or go elsewhere. So, is there a way of avoiding hitting this patch? No, not really. It is a natural part of a business’s existence. What you can, however, do is overcome it.

Plenty of people get discouraged when the standstill happens, which leads to the business’s downfall. No worries – we will not let that happen to you. That is why we are bringing you seven ways to increase your WooCommerce store revenue.

1. Offer Free Shipping

Everyone loves getting something for free, and shipping can often make or break an order. Cutting the shipping cost for a limited time can considerably increase your sales and expand your customer base. Doing a special free shipping event works almost as well as a sale, if not better. You have to prepare for an influx of sales. Handling a large volume of orders in a fast and smooth way is guaranteed to leave you with some satisfied customers.

Thankfully, WooCommerce has just the thing for that. The WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping – PRO plugin covers all your shipping needs.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping – PRO

Whether you want to ship one or multiple items, change labels, include the handling fee, or specify the shipping amount, this plugin has you covered. You’ll be sending your free shipping special event orders without a hitch and in no time.

2. Keep Track of Your Order Data

Messiness may not always be a bad thing, but it is terrible when it comes to your order data. If you cannot navigate through your reports, you might miss the exact thing that led your business to a standstill. That means a loss in customers and a loss in your pocket. Having a clear view of your data can work wonders for your sales. That is why you need to have proper order exports.

Once again, WooCommerce delivers. Do your business (and yourself) a favor and download the WooCommerce Order Export – PRO plugin.

WooCommerce Order Export – PRO

It is a simple, fast, and secure way to extract your data. With their Schedule Exports option, you can have daily and monthly reports delivered directly to your inbox.

That means you can analyze data and pinpoint the moments where your sales were at their lowest and highest. It will help you get a better insight into what works well, and in turn, increase your store revenue.

3. Offer Bundles

Have you ever noticed how, after you buy something on Amazon, there is an often bought together section? That, our friend, is called a bundle. After some data analysis, the AI combines two or three products that people tend to buy together.

Then they offer that bundle at a somewhat decreased price, making it look like a steal. In reality, they just sold three products when the customer was only trying to buy one.

It is a great tactic to increase revenue. So, after you do several data exports, analyze the results and make your bundles. Your sales are going to thank you.

4. Offer Coupons

Ah, discounts, discounts, discounts. Coupons are nifty little devices that you can use to spread the word about your store.

Coupon Gift Certificate Shopping Concept

They lure in potential customers that might not have shopped with you otherwise. It is hard to resist a good deal. Also, coupons are a great way to treat your existing customers and ensure constant traffic on your site.

5. Deal of the Day

Once again, we are back at the topic of sales. But, not just any old sale. This time, we are talking about flash sales. These are also commonly known as the Deal of the Day.

How do they work? Every seller has that product(s) that just is not doing so well. It simply is not a favorite choice (or a choice at all). Now, what to do with it? The answer is easy – you create a flash sale. For twenty-four hours only, that product is available at a discounted price. But, that is not all.

If you add a countdown until the sale ends and allow customers to see as the stock of the product decreases, you will make it look desirable. So, instead of losing money on a product that did not sell generally, you will gain site traffic and an overall increase in sales. Pretty neat, right?

6. Take Advantage of Commercial Holidays

Holidays are the time of year when people are extra motivated to shop. That means that it is also a perfect time to drop a themed product, a sale, or spend some money on an ad.

Happy Woman Holding Credit Card Doing Online Shopping Present at Christmas

However, we do not simply mean Christmas, New Year’s, or Valentine’s Day. Holidays like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and even Pet Appreciation Day can boost your revenue if you use them wisely. You can never go wrong with festive offers.

7. Improve the Checkout

A tedious checkout process is one of the most common reasons why a sale falls through. Especially so when your business has to compete with a giant like Amazon and their one-click checkout option.

Well, we (and WooCommerce) say enough of that! Try Direct Checkout for WooCommerce and let your customers skip the cart.

Direct Checkout for WooCommerce

This plugin provides Buy Buttons that you can put anywhere on your site. When a customer clicks one, it sends them directly to the checkout, obliterating the cart. An easier way to check out means more sales, which means an increase in revenue.


Battling through a sale standstill is no easy task, and we know that. It is a business owner’s ultimate test, which determines whether their store will sink or swim.

Well, we say, not only swim but take Olympic laps. Follow our list of 7 ways to increase the revenue of your WooCommerce store, and you will see a boost in sales, customers, and profit in no time.