CocoFax: The Best Online Fax Service Review in 2021 Updated


Faxing used to be a great event for the persons who used to work in the offices or in any government institutes as they were a noticeable form of communication. The usage of the CocoFax was widespread as it was an easy thing to use and had a lot of benefits.

However, the usage of fax machines faced a sharp decline as technological advancements made their way in and allowed a lot more ease in the transmission of information. The technology and the modernization changed the usage of fax into more digitally feasible communication systems.

Despite the fact that fax is no longer used as a primary mode of communication or information transfer, it still has its uses. For example, the confidentiality of the mail or social media is always at stake so it is advised to use something as confidential as fax. Here is how you can fax directly from your phone:

CocoFax: Send Fax Online Easily From Your Phone:

Cocofax is a brilliant and awe-inspiring application that has its task acknowledged through its superlative service and superb facility. Cocofax is a digital service that can be used to send fax online. Cocofax is a highly regarded service that can answer questions like “how can I fax from my phone?” and help you to enjoy the online fax facility.

Cocofax is recognized and regarded as a foremost and top-notch application for all of your fax transmissions. It is widely used and popular among persons that need to send a fax in the offices such as clerks and even bosses. The text below provides insight into its features and you can get more information from Google Fax Free website to divulge more about our brilliant service.

Why Is CocoFax The Best Online Fax Platform?


Cocofax is the only service that allows users to perform all of their needs online. This means that the entire service consists of digital companionship. You can now use and send all of your fax over a simple internet connection.

Cocofax is highly recognized and serves as a top companion in your digital faxing needs. You can now send all of your documents over a simple internet connection and avail all of our services online. Fax sending is now way easier and less bulky.

Cocofax allows you to enjoy a month free trial where you will avail all of the services online and easily experience all of our astonishing features. Cocofax works in perfect harmony with your needs to provide you with the best experience of digital faxing.

Is Fax Sending Possible Over An iPhone or Simple Phone?

Cocofax is a digital application and therefore, it is crucial that all of the services must be confined to a digital limitation. You can send or receive all of the fax documents on your phone over a simple but stable internet connection. Moreover, the free trial allows you to avail of all of our services free for a month.

Cocofax ensures that no issue or concealed expenditure is expected in the entire franchise of your faxing.

How Is The Fax Sent And Received On Your Mobile Phone?

We always ensure that our clients are free and face no issue in the entire process. The process to initiate the entire process is way too easier than any other application online. There are just some steps that must be followed to make sure that the faxing experience is up to the mark of what you demand.

Step 1:

The first thing is to make sure that your phone is connected to the internet. A stable internet connection is encouraged as the sign up procedure requires constant data. As you complete the process, you can visit our official site that is “” and click on the “Create Account” button. This helps you to make a new account and enjoy faxing.

Step 2:


As you click on the create account button, Cocofax opens up a digital detail box for you in the next tab where you are requested to provide some details which would form your account in the future. All you need to do is to fill the details with all of the required characteristics and then make sure that the fax number is allotted to you.

The fax number would be your unique identity and would help you to form a complete account from where you can send or receive the fax. You can also use the fax number to send the fax or use it in accordance to your needs.

Step 3:


With your newly allotted fax number as well as the account of your identity, you are now free to send or receive the fax easily just as you want. All you need for the sending procedure of your fax is to click on the send fax option and then add the fax number of the person you want it to be sent to.

Cocofax will send the fax to the person you want it to be sent.

Are The Files Readable?


The main problem or complaint that the persons face is that the fax you receive is always in a format that is often unreadable by your phone or device. The main purpose is to make sure that the files are readable.

Cocofax has solved these complications by introducing a digital algorithm that automatically converts the fax into a PDF file. You can also send or save the file as you wish and you can also send it through certain applications as well as Email.


Cocofax is a brilliant and superlative service that is advised to be used for all of your faxing needs and assists you in all forms of digital fax transmission. All you need is a stable connection through which all of your faxing needs can be fulfilled.

Moreover, you can avail all of our services free for a month as we provide you with a free 30-day trial. Faxing has never been this cool before!